Gear Review: Cairn Box – November Edition

November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully you’re enjoying eating Turkey, but if you’re anything like me you’re ready to bring on the holiday lights and decorate your tree.

Luckily, Cairn is getting us into the Christmas spirit early, with a really awesome November box! I fully plan on using some items out of this to stuff Matt’s own stocking, and the pup’s even got a gift.



Ruffwear Quencher Collapsible Dog Bowl | Value: $15


Any adventure with dogs needs to be hydrated, and it is so important to offer your four-legged companion water frequently. Collapsible dog bowls are amazing for helping with that. We used to have a friend who would legit carry a standard metal bowl in their backpack for their dog, and the introduction of a collapsible bowl changed their life.

This one from Ruffwear collapses flat and small, so you can throw it in your bag or your pocket. It has a loop to clip it to your bag or water bottle with a carabiner making it easy to locate, and Ruffwear is known for making durable gear that can last!


Injinji Trail 2.0 Midweight Mini-Crew Socks | Value: $15


I’ve got a pair of Injinji toe socks for road running, and I love them. So when this pair came in for trail running in Matt’s size, I got really excited that he will also get to appreciate the cushioned feel of these socks along with the elastic cuffs to keep dirt out. (Who doesn’t love that dirt line when you take off your socks after a great day outdoors?)


Nitelze BetterBand – 12″ | Value: $5


An excellent way to keep gear bundled and organized. Pretty excited to give this a try.


Rip Van Wafels Traditional Waffle & Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Waffle | Value: $3


These are freaking delicious. Non-GMO, no preservatives, only 130 calories. I ate the dark chocolate one just as a wafer, but they suggest pairing it with afternoon tea or breakfast yogurt. Regardless, I will be taking full advantage of the discount code I was given to order many many more of these.



The Gist:

We’ve really enjoyed getting Cairn over the past few months. It costs $25/month, but if you subscribe in bulk you can get a discount. The November box had a value of approximately $38. You can also gift boxes to friends or family who you think would love the outdoors!

Cairn works to get items from a mix of well-known brands and newcomers – meaning you can really experiment and try new things out. Each month seems to feature one major item (I’m still so obsessed with our LuminAid light we got a few months ago!), with some other small items. To see what they’ve had in previous boxes, click here.

Cairn has also recently introduced their Obsidian box, which comes once a quarter (every three months). In each box, they’ll elevate your outdoor experience with 6 – 10 products, 3 – 4 of which each have over a $50 value.

If you’re interested in trying out Cairn, visit their website here, and be sure to put us as your referral!

Cairn Referral Code

Cairn Referral Code
When you get to this part of registration, put this info in the boxes, and let us know if sign up! We know you’ll love it as much as we do.



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