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Jagermeister Cocktails

November 15, 2015

We had a very Charlotte Saturday. We were introduced to the 7th Street Market by some friends, and had delicious crepes and coffee and sweets, along with great conversation. Someone hit my car in the 7th Street Station parking deck and drove off without leaving a note.

And we got to attend the Mixology Lab, hosted at Earl’s Grocery with Bob Peters teaching us how to class up what we’re drinking!


The Mixology Lab is really cool – once a month Earl’s Grocery will host a free class, where Bob comes in and teaches the audience about how to make a better cocktail and how to impress our friends with our knowledge.

This month’s class was sponsored by Jagermeister. To be honest, I hadn’t drank Jager since college and only really knew it mixed with Red Bull. So, to be able to make a drink with it that was an adult cocktail that tasted good was a big surprise!

The class started out with a bit of a history lesson. For example, did you know Jagermeister means Master Hunter in German, and was developed by it’s creator to have something to sip on and keep him warm during cold hunts. It is a mix of 56 flavors and spices, of which the scientists in the lab are the only ones who know the recipe.


The first cocktail we made was my favourite, and the only one I could remember the recipe for. Essentially, 2 oz. Jagermeister mixed with tonic water, served in a tall glass, with an orange slice for added pizzaz and flavor. So simple, but so delicious! I learned Jager is a Digestif, meaning it is perfect for drinking after a meal to help ease the tummy, so this would be a perfect post-meal cocktail.


We also got to sample the Jager Spice – an Autumn version of Jager that is heavier on the vanilla and cinnamon and meant to be served closer to room temperature. It would be quite delicious to add to your coffee for an extra dose of warmth.



If you live in the Charlotte area and are interested in checking it out, the Mixology Lab is at Earl’s Grocery usually every 2nd Saturday of the month at 2:30. The shop has a really great selection of beer, wine, cheese, pasta, etc. and it would be a perfect place to grab a bite to eat before getting your cocktail on!

If you want cocktails designed by Bob Peters (he’s kind of a big deal), you can find him at The Punch Room in the Ritz Carlton!

Special thanks to Jagermeister and their reps, who provided the class with liquor, shot glasses, and tall glasses to keep! Matt was even gifted with a Jager pourer, which he is so excited to use!



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