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A Fat Squirrel Story

January 7, 2016

As many of you are aware, winter is super delayed this year. A lot of it in the Southeast has been attributed to El Niño, but I still find it highly disappointing that I was able to wear shorts while walking my dogs this afternoon. It’s also one of the big reasons why we had so much rain that it felt like we were drowning overtime we stepped out the front door.

Well for some animals, the warm weather has been nice. Like squirrels. Because it hasn’t gotten too cold yet, they’re still able to harvest nuts and berries and they’re getting extra chubby. But like, super cute chubby.


Now our dog Moose LOVES squirrels. She swears one day she is going to get one justyouwait. When we were out on our walk yesterday, she almost did.

As we were walking, we snuck upon the cutest, chubbiest squirrel I have yet to see. Naturally, Moose lost her mind and wanted to get it.

Naturally, the squirrel wanted to get away.

So it leaps up a tree to get away. Then it tries to jump to another branch. It failed.

The little squirrel was so fat that it missed the branch, fell to the ground, got up and scurried away in embarrassment.

It was quite possibly one of the funniest things I have seen in such a long time, that I had to sit down to catch my breath! Fat animals are so cute to me – hence why I love bears before they go into hibernation, whales are endearing to me, and our other dog Sasha is the love of my life. Seeing this poor, adorable, chubby animal aim so high with such disappointing results gave me such a great life lesson.

If this fat squirrel can still aim for the branches stars, why don’t I? And so I signed up for a digital class to learn SQL.

Today on our walk, we saw several more squirrels, gathering nuts for keeping their little bodies warm through winter. And while Moose & Sasha both tried to get them, these squirrels were agile enough to make it across the tree tops.

Longingly looking towards where the squirrels have scurried off to.

Longingly looking towards where the squirrels have scurried off to.

For those of you concerned about the longevity of this year’s fat squirrels, don’t fear. Squirrels are natural body regulators, so officials say it shouldn’t have any long-term effects on their health. Just one fat winter, and they’ll be back to normal next year. Kind of like the first year of college.



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