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January 4, 2016

Every time the new year roles around, I waffle with the decision to make resolutions and how to follow through, and what determines a ‘good’ resolution.

Originally, I said I wasn’t going to do any resolutions this year.

But I’ve had a few days to get into the new year, and I realized I needed to look at my upcoming goals less as resolutions and more as goals – measurable goals – that I can track the progress on and compare from January to December. For example, ‘lose 5 pounds by March’ instead of just ‘lose weight’. I need something that can hold me accountable, and most importantly I need to share these goals so that I can get called out when I am slacking off.

So here is what I am resolved to do in 2016:

  • Drink 80 ounces of water per day. Water is vital for digestive health and keeping your metabolism running at full potential. After researching how much water to drink, I’ve come to the conclusion that .5 oz to 1 oz for every pound you weigh leaning on the higher side if you’re physically active.
  • Practice German 5x/week for a minimum of 15 minutes. As a kid, I went to a German immersion elementary school and spoke the language pretty well. I’ve always loved the language and consistently talk about gaining fluency in it. Last time we were in Germany, I was able to cram enough to get us food, to the bathroom, and around the town. It’s a dream of mine to eventually live in Germany for any period of time, so any increased proficiency at the language helps. To accomplish this one, I’m using DuoLingo. They have a phone app and web app that works with you on learning a new language in a conversational manner – similar to how I originally learned English. Plus, you can set up reminders so they’ll e-mail you if you’re slacking off.
  • Sweat 5x/week. This one isn’t too bad, as I’ve been using Classpass for the past few months since we moved to Charlotte. Now that Classpass lets you go to the same studio 4x/month, I’ve been able to get a workout schedule down. Pairing that with weekend hikes and climbing at the rock gym, this is definitely do-able. Originally I was going to say ‘work out’ instead of ‘sweat’, but I realized that on the days I do yoga, I should also add in a cardio activity if I want my body to reflect the hard work I’m doing.
  • Get outside every weekend. This one was inspired by my friend back in Anchorage, Betsy. Her resolution is to opt outside every weekend – something a lot easier to do in Alaska with the Chugach Mountain Range in Anchorage’s backyard. Charlotte doesn’t lend well to outdoorsy activities, so this will ensure I am actively working towards being in nature.
  • Discover something new in Charlotte every day.  This one I’m not taking super seriously, but it is something I need to actively work on. I wasn’t thrilled to leave the outdoor paradise that is Alaska for Charlotte, North Carolina. In an effort to learn to appreciate the city we now live in, I’m going to try to find new things every day to appreciate. I’m including new restaurants, street art I haven’t seen before, and exploration of new streets and neighborhoods. Today, I noticed a huge wall mural in my neighborhood that I had never paid attention to before. It is really pretty and I stood and stared at it for several minutes until our dog Moose decided it was time to move on with our walk.
  • Create something new. My friend Megan and I are constantly coming up with ideas for “something totally cool!” and “OMG this needs to exist in the world”, but rarely follow through with the idea. This year we will make it happen. During a casual conversation, we came up with an idea for an app that both of us would LOVE to have on our phones. So, we’re working to create a game plan of what we want the app to look like and what we want it to do, and presenting it to Matt to see if he will build it for us. Our goal is to have it complete by end of July, which means we will need to set up goals throughout the upcoming months to get there. Goals on Goals, man.
  • Grow this blog. Since moving to North Carolina, I’ve had a hard time being inspired. Alaska inspired me to explore mountains and sea and hike and climb. We changed our name from Emily in Alaska to Tents Trails + Cocktails, which has been a refreshing update for me. I want this blog to grow to have photo essays of great adventures, recipes for delicious drinks, and stories about our explorations. I’d love to reach a point to feature other writers, and would love to get more feedback from you on what you like to read about.

Here’s to a great 2016, filled with tangible goals and a new appreciation of oneself. As corny as it is, a new year is a fresh page to start the next chapter on, and a chance to look back on the previous year and see what to improve on. May this year make us all feel a little bit more like adults and may be all figure out what we’re doing with our lives a little more.

Happy New Year,



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