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Snow in the QC

January 17, 2016

Today, we were woken to snow coming down. In Charlotte, North Carolina.


I was obviously overjoyed, jumping on the bed like a child forcing Matt to get up so we could go be outside in it. I threw on my new Sorel boots, my favourite Landmark Project sweatshirt, and trusty Carhartt hat and leashed up the dogs. Matt put on flip flops.Matt

We went for a 30 minute stroll around our neighborhood, admiring the cute homes and staying outside as long as the snow was coming down. The air was cold, and while the snow wasn’t sticking to the ground, it was sticking in the dogs’ fur and our hair.

We immediately checked the weather forecast for Pisgah Forest, and Tiger to see if we should make a day trip to higher elevation to see some snow on the ground. Unfortunately, it looks like it was a pleasant morning surprise for everyone, but no snow for those that sleep in.

I’m planning on going to our cabin next week, for a solo adventure with the dogs. While the forecast is sunny, maybe I will be surprised with a little more of the white stuff.

Did anyone else wake up to snow today?




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