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2016 Georgia Wine Highway

March 21, 2016

This past weekend was the 2016 Winegrower’s Association of Georgia Wine Highway. 21 vineyards & wineries across the northern part of the state joined together to sell passports and tasting glasses so everyone could appreciate how delicious the state’s wine production is and to overcome sterotypes that only muscadine wine comes out of the South.

Georgia wine has been a favourite of ours since 2012 when we stumbled across Tiger Mountain Vineyards on our way to a drive-in movie and loved the wine so much we bought a house near the vineyard. (True story.) Over the past few years, the region has grown so much, producing delicious malbecs, cabs, chardonnays, and more. The region is finding grapes that grow well in the climate, and maximize taste buds.

To celebrate, a group of friends decided to check out what Georgia has to offer, try out some new vineyards that have recently opened up, and head to the western part of the state (hey Jasper!)

We had an incredible two days of tasting, and below are the only five pictures I took. We prepared so well this time: we ordered a Chik Fil A nugget tray to nosh on between vineyards, we had so many snacks of cookies, pretzels, and peanut butter snacks. Bottles of water for everyone, and the best DD ever (Thanks Matt for driving on Saturday!)

My top two were brand new ones to me. For the wine and welcoming-ness, Fainting Goat was the bomb. They had their stations spaced apart so you could taste at your own pace, and had a lovely tasting room with a great deck overlooking the mountains. Since it was a chilly day, I loved that they had blankets near a fireplace that the girls wrapped up in while we sat on the porch with the boys relaxing and eating pimento cheese. The staff was so friendly, the owner’s had a great story about why they created the place, and their logo of an upside-down goat was adorable!

For ambiance, I loved Ellijay River. They only had one wine, and gave a hefty tasting pour of it. The setting was perfect – right along the river, and surrounded by vines and rolling hills. They had wooden swings and hammocks, and river access. I tested out the water-proofness of my Sorel boots walking in the water (Not 100% like they promised. Some water leaked in along the seems, so I don’t think I could use them for true river wading. Sad.), and immediately began begging Matt to build me a rope swing at our cabin.

If you’re not too far from the area, Wine Highway is going on next weekend as well (March 26 & 27). Passports are only $40 and give you access to a lot of wine – well worth the cost. Find more info here.



The Team


Swinging at Ellijay River Vineyards


Coolest Flight Holders at Fainting Goat


Blankets & Wine




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