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30 Days of Biking Challenge

March 31, 2016

Living in Alaska made me obsessed with riding my bike. There were greenways that (for the most part) connected me where I needed to go, and I loved the sense of accomplishment I got from getting around by my own human power. It was also an awesome escape from my vehicle, since I am a salesperson which means my day is typically spent driving around in a car to see customers.

When we first moved to Charlotte, I wained in my bike commuting. Charlotte isn’t very bike friendly (articles like this get published, and it makes me so angry), and I kept having issues where cars would honk at me for riding my bike on the road (on the right side of the lane that my taxes so generously pay for) as well as several close calls with cars that were more focused on texting then on driving.

But, over the past few weeks, I’ve adopted a “screw it” policy and have decided I will ride my bike, walk, or take public transit where ever I damn well want to. And I will do it safely.

I’ve started riding my bike for any trip under 2 miles where I don’t need to carry a bunch of stuff (Sorry grocery store). I love my car, but I hate how mad I get about the traffic I encounter and I hate feeling lazy. Biking and walking around are my “it’s OK I technically worked out” excuse for not going to a work out class.

Which is why I got super exited when I stumbled across 30 days of biking, and their April challenge. I like riding my bike, but I also REALLY like working towards goals. It’s why when I hike, I have a destination in mind and why I got super into Geocaching from 2009-2012.

“It’s a pledge to ride your bike every day in April — however far you want, no matter the weather. Next, share your adventures online, with #30daysofbiking. That’s all there is to it.”

This is the 7th year that the challenge has happened, so they know what they’re doing and how to best achieve the goals, which helps raise awareness for bicycles on the road, as well as the benefits of cycling. So YAY for health & safety!

I’m planning on doing a weekly blog post detailing my progress with this challenge, but you can also follow me on instagram where I will be trying to post a daily picture of my ride/what I see on my ride?

You in for the challenge?Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 18.58.41.png



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