A Night At The Fair: NC State Fair 2016

October 15, 2016

The North Carolina State Fair kicked off on Thursday, and since I was in Raleigh I took the opportunity to go and explore.

Now I LOVE Fairs. The bounty of food, the neon lights, the sounds of the whirring and buzzing of the games, the abundance of livestock, and the fantastical people watching.

Attending the state fair solo was actually a really enjoyable experience – I got to go check out all of the exhibits that my friends usually want to skip over. I watched sheep judging, looked at all the vegetables and livestock being judged, attended some of the live musical performances, and spent ample time at the Rabbit Barn!


Thursday was Preview Day at the fair, so discounted admission was offered for only $8 (It’s $13/adult for the remainder of the time). I started off immediately by grabbing an apple pie from a nearby vendor that smelled amazing and started looking at the list of events for the day.

Best Event Ever: I got to watch hog racing!! They raced 3 kinds of pigs, goats, and ducks. It was amazing. The stands started filling up 20 minutes before the event started, and the enthusiasm level was high.

I even shot a video of one of the races!

There was a bounty of food to taste as well! Big things people were talking about: bacon wrapped grilled cheese sandwiches and deep fried jell-o! But there was the typical fair food as well.

The neon lights of the rides are amazing to watch. Plus, they had a new Flyer that allowed you to cross over the top of the fair and get a birds eye view.

Plus all the great farm stuff, the original reason behind state fairs. There were tractors, all of the veggies and livestock judging, and you could even pay to milk a cow!

Details about the NC State Fair:
Dates: October 13 – 23
Gates open at 8am daily

Tickets are $13 for adults. For parking, I recommend parking at the PNC Arena and taking the shuttle to Gate 8. It was free. Don’t pay for parking.

See what people are sharing about the fair using the hashtag #ncstatefair

My biggest annoyance with the state fair is all of the smoking. I consider the fair a family-friendly event, and couldn’t believe how many people were smoking while they walked. I felt like I was perpetually holding my breath. I would love to see this become a smoke-free event, or maybe set up designated smoking areas that were away from the crowd.

Also, they don’t sell beer or wine. Just found that odd.

What’s the best fair you’ve been to?



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