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2016 Holiday Gift Guide

November 30, 2016

Originally I was going to do this guide for the man in your life. But as I was writing it, I realized that I – a woman – really wanted a lot of these things too. So instead of a gendered holiday gift guide, I’m sharing things to get the person in your life who would rather be outdoors. That seems much better, right?
Cairn – The Obsidian Box
I’ve written before about our love of the Cairn Box – a monthly delivery service that brings you new gadgets and snacks for those who love the outdoors. But did I ever tell you about their Obsidian Box?
obsidian-slide-01Instead of a monthly delivery, it’s delivered quarterly and features 5-10 premium outdoor products: think backpacks, sleeping pads, campsite cooking equipment. It’s the chance to try out new gear in the outdoor world.It’s also a little bit pricier, at $200/quarter. Spoil your person with a year subscription, or just buy them a one-time delivery. Regardless, they’ll love you. Buy here.

Perfect For: Gear Junkies, Early Adapters.

The Foxfire Book Set
Filled with knowledge passed down from those who live the culture of Southern Appalachia, these books feature interviews and instructions for living a pioneer life. The Foxfire magazine is edited by Rabun County students, and the museum is located just North of Clayton, Georgia – very close to where we spend our Southern weekends.s-l1000
Buy the books from the museum directly for $19.95 each, or get all 12 volumes in one series for $216. Buy here.

Perfect for: knowledge hounds, DIY-ers, the person who wants to live off the land in a cabin in the woods.

Morakniv Knife
Knives are pretty awesome for cutting things, like cardboard boxes at my house,  or useful in the wilderness for cutting off your arm, a la 127 Hours. (Just kidding. Please don’t cut off your arm unless you’re pinned under a boulder.)
But in all seriousness, Matt has been coveting this knife and the fact that he has gone so far as to send me a link to it on Amazon means he can’t be the only guy looking for a new one.It’s reasonably priced at $14, so a perfect stocking stuffer. Buy it here.

Perfect for: the outdoorsperson who needs a new way to cut things.

Landmark Project Shirts
Local (Greenville, SC based) brand that I’ve been low-key obsessed with for over a year now. They make incredibly soft shirts that feature regional landmarks and their new National Parks collection is amazing. I ordered a bunch in a larger size to accomodate my growing belly, and I find they’ve all made their way to Matt’s side of the closet.
This is a brand I like so much, I’m actually an Outreach Guide for them. Which means I get a sweet promo code to give to you. Plus, they’re charitable and support getting at-risk youth outside.Pricing is $28.50 for shirts, or $18 for their sweet beanies. Save 25% off your order when you use code EMACCIPITERSTEW at checkout. Buy it here.

Perfect for: showing off regional pride, bragging about parks you’ve been too, those who like fashion that also supports a good cause.


Wander North Georgia Mug
Another local company (Clayton, Georgia), Wander North Georgia started out as a pet project between two families that moved to North Georgia, and has evolved into a full-blown Social Club with a great storefront. They’ve got cool shirts, but their mug has caught our eye.
WNG splurged when designing their mugs and went with a company that handmakes them in Poland. They feature steel covered in hard enamel, fired at 1500 degrees which means they’re incredibly light and virtually indestructible – perfect for clipping onto a backpack. Plus, they have a tic tac toe board on the base so you can play games!

A little pricier for a mug at $20, but it’s way more unique than a titanium mug from REI. Buy it here.

Perfect for: the thirsty hiker, supporting small business.


Field Notes Notebooks
So many various brands carry their own version of these, but they are perfect for throwing in a backpack, handbag, glovebox – really anywhere that you find yourself wanting to jot down notes.
Matt goes through these obsessively, and I love them for creating to-do lists and jotting down inspiration that I may lose (stoplights lead to creativity). There is just something about paper and pen that can never be replaced by the iPhone Notes app.Priced from $10, here are some made in the USA. Buy it here. Here’s a 3-pack on Amazon for $13. Buy it here.

Perfect for: note takers, forgetful friends, those who like to make memories, people who journal.


Oru Kayak
While I don’t really love being in the water, I do like being on the water. So when we found out about Oru’s origami kayaks that fold up to the size of a box and weigh between 26 and 34 lbs., they made it to the top of our wishlist.
In my mind, we keep them in the back of the car to pull out for an impromptu kayaking adventure on the lake with the dogs riding shot gun.

They’ve got several styles ranging from $1175 to $2475, but if you sign up for their e-mail list you can get 10% off. Buy it here.

Perfect for: impromptu adventurers, fans of the water, fishing enthusiasts, those without a lot of storage space.

Solomon Trail Running Shoes
Over the past year, we swapped our hiking shoes for trail running shoes. And it has been great. While we don’t have the ankle support hiking boots offer, it’s more lightweight and offers great breathability.

We’ve done several backpacking and day hiking trips in ours, and haven’t had any issues.

We each have the Speedcross 3, and really like the fit and the fact that you don’t have tie your shoes. They retail for $130 at REI, and come in cool colors for men and women. Buy them here.

Perfect for: trail runners, hikers, shoe fans.




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