A Nice Day for Gelato

March 10, 2017

Today is another day in Charlotte with temperatures in the high 70s. My days these past six weeks have been filled with lunchtime strolls into the heart of our neighborhood, and marveling over the fact that the trees are starting to bloom.

Today we went to join Matt for lunch, and because it is such a beautiful day we stopped for gelato from the cutest little shop in Charlotte. After debating flavors (we ultimately decided on Banana and Stracciatella), we sat outside and dreamed up plans of eating and cycling through Italy.

All the best flavors.

While it’s been nice to be in shorts and t-shirts, I feel like I’m getting jipped on a winter experience. Which is why I am so excited to head back to Anchorage next week, where temps have been touching the negatives and the daily high will be in the high 20s.

What can I say, I think I was made for the West Coast winters.



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