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April 21, 2017

Why hello there! Did it feel like I dropped off the face of the Earth there? It felt like it to me.

I have a good reason. I really do.

Emergency Gallbladder Removal. Ugh. I was experiencing some abdomen pains, asked my doctor for a referral to a GI doctor, blood was drawn for labs and then next thing I know I’m getting a call from the GI doctor telling me to go to the Emergency Room due to high liver levels on my test results. No bueno. Worst/Best Part: I was supposed to start back at work the following Monday.

The past week has been spent in pain, recovering, and trying to find the perfect sleeping position. It’s been tough. We had a big camping trip planned for Easter weekend, but since I was in the hospital it was a no go. So now I am dreaming of a camping getaway and feel like I am missing peak backpacking season right now (the temps are perfect here in the Carolinas: warm during the day, but still cool at night. Ideal for exploring outdoors, in my opinion.)

Being homebound and curled up, I’ve had a chance to play online and I’ve been building a wishlist of gear to covet. Anything on my list that you’ve had your eye on as well?

  1. Xtratuf x Salmon Sister boots.is_main
    I love rainboots and wanted a pair of Xtratufs the whole time I lived in Alaska, but never justified buying ‘The Alaskan Tennis Shoe’ because I’ve got a pair of Hunter boots and a pair of Sorel boots that weren’t cheap and work great. But then Xtratuf came out with a collaboration with Salmon Sisters. And my friend Betsy got a pair for her birthday. And man, the shoe envy is real right now.
  2. Fjallraven Trekking Tights.
    Everytime I go hiking, I always complain about how there aren’t great pant options for women. Hiking pants feel baggy and unflattering (I know, I’m walking in the woods, who am I trying to impress? But I still want to feel like I look good, ya feel?), and when I just wear regular athletic leggings I’m always left feeling like I don’t have enough pockets and that the material isn’t durable enough.
    So of course Fjallraven comes out with the solution by introducing tights that have re-enforced knees and butt areas, plus large side pockets. Fjallraven got 10 ladies from 10 countries to test them out and I am so sad I am not one of those ladies. Regardless, I’m saving up for a pair (and waiting for them to come back in stock).
  3. Nemo Tango Duo Sleeping Bag.
    Ok, so I actually pulled the trigger and already bought this. We’ve even done a trial run in Little Bears room where the whole family slept in it to make sure it was comfortable and would fit all of us. But the fact that we haven’t gotten to use it in the Great Outdoors yet is killing me! C’mon body, quit failing on me! Emily’s got some camping to do!
  4. Victoria Beckam x Target Clever Bunny Dress.
    As I am gearing up to go back to work, I’m realizing I need to start going through all of my clothes to see what fits, what looks good, and what I’m not sick of wearing. Ugh, the woes of having to dress professionally.
    Victoria Beckham’s line for Target looks fun and professional at the same time, and I really like the bunny accent on this collar. Biggest drawback for me is that it isn’t easy access for pumping during the work day, so that makes it to where this dress stays on the wishlist instead of the Buy It Now! list. Bummer.
  5. Ikea SKUGGIS hooks.
    I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect hook for Little Bear’s room that fit with the aesthetic I’ve been trying to create. I love the shape of these hooks, and the price seems affordable. I’m planning on going to Ikea to get these and some plants once I am up and mobile again. Which is hopefully soon because I am tired of things finding their home on the floor.


So tell me, have you ever had to have emergency surgery? Give me tips for keeping up morale through recovery! And let me know what’s on your spring wishlist!



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