Weekend Update

August 28, 2017

Instead of travelling this weekend, we decided to stay in Charlotte and get some things done. With less hot temps (but still scorching, in my opinion), it was nice to spend time relaxing. Here’s what we did:

  • We checked out Recess, a new bar in the Belmont neighborhood of Charlotte. They had their grand opening on Friday, and our little family went to check it out. The aim of the bar is to be a play area for adults, with tetherball and swings outside, and card games and strong drinks inside. The food was delicious – we had the truffle fries and kimchi sliders – and the rum punch was strong and tasty.
  • I assembled my new Oru Kayak! I’ve been obsessed with this kayak for many months, and I finally got one. It’s recommended to assemble it and leave it assembled for a few days, so we’re doing that and I’ll try it out later this week. Obviously expect a full report on this. [If you’re interested in getting one too, use invite code vHw1kj for 20% off]IMG_3726
  • Home upkeep. We hung hooks, finally recessed our stove, fixed a broken drawer hinge. A little boring, but always needed. Plus, we turned Bear’s backpack into home decor! Small Home Tip: Turn your storage into decoration. IMG_3737.jpg
  • We celebrated our sweet neighbor Kelly’s birthday at The Company Store! It’s a wonderful place in the neighborhood to grab a drink and visit with friends and Saturday night was no different.
  • I planted a succulent garden in our front porch pot, that will hopefully thrive in the hot heat we have and be low maintance. Because, I am learning, I am not good at plants requiring work.IMG_3750.jpg
  • We spent time on Sunday with my grandparents, enjoying their company and watching my Grandmother especially light up over how big Bear has gotten. We all watched him scoot on the floor, hoping that he would figure out crawling while we were there, but instead we were treated to sweet babbles and adorable smiles.
  • Lastly, we began watching Season 7 of Game of Thrones. 3 episodes in, my review is: !!!!. Also, I really love how many strong, badass female leaders there are this season. Yaaaaaaas, Girl Power!


How did you spend the weekend?



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