Friday Favourites

October 13, 2017

Happy Friday night! It’s Friday the 13th, so I am sure some of you are watching scary movies and gearing up for Halloween. Meanwhile, I’m just over here wishing for cooler temps and stalking the weather channel app wondering when I can really start wearing my sweaters.

But while I’m doing that, I came across several things this week that made me happy so I wanted to share them with you – my sweet internet friends!

1. Pumpkin Patches.
While out and about for work in Cornelius, I came across Boy Scout Troop 323 selling pumpkins, and I’m all about supporting local troops without having to buy popcorn! They had so many pretty gourds and pie pumpkins, if you’re a good cook. If you’re local to Charlotte, you can visit them yourself at 13079 Kenton Dr, Cornelius, NC near Birkdale Village!


2. Farmer’s Market Carts.
I had lunch at the Green Valley Grill at the O’Henry Hotel in Greensboro, NC (it was delicious, btw) and outside of the front of the hotel they had a mini farmers market stand! Fresh veggies and jam were on the bicycle cart, where you could weigh out what you needed and pay via cash into a jar that was utilizing the honor system which I found so refreshing. It’s nice when we try to trust our fellow humans. If you needed to pay with card, you could go to the hotel front desk and they would help you out.

3. Finishing Creative Projects.
A few weeks ago I took a Skillpop class with a friend where we learned how to make a tapestry weaving. It took me a while, but I finally finished mine and it now adorns our chalkboard wall. #socrafty

4. Cleaning Hacks.
I took another Skillpop class on ring design (I like being creative and need help getting the juices flowing, ok), and our amazing instructor shared with us that you can use a nail buff to shine basic metal jewellery. Just rub it like you would your nails and make it shine! I made the graphic below (and I made those rings! 💁🏼)

5. Cozy Coffee Shops.
It may still be 85 degrees in the Carolinas, but I’ve swapped out my Iced Chai Lattes for Hot Chocolate already. There’s nothing better than getting a beverage in a real mug, and curling up on a couch with a book or a friend for casual conversations. Last Saturday, Matt, Bear & I got cozy on the couch at White Birch Provisions in Clayton, Georgia to plan out our weekend.


6. Sweet Baby Laughs.
Matt has been tickling Bear under his chin and getting him to laugh and cackle in such a joyous way that makes us laugh so hard. So far, Matt has been the only one to elicit such a wonderful response, where my tickle attempts get pity laughs (I swear, he pity laughs at me!) It’s probably the most innocent and happy thing I’ve ever experienced it, and it makes me want to see him get tickled every minute of every day.


What were the best things that you experienced this week? Delicious restaurant discoveries or just a happy cup of coffee, I’d love to hear it!



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