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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

November 21, 2017

Welcome To Day 2!

Today’s gift guide is focused on the lady in your life. What does she need? What will be comfortable (above all else, this is key) and what is designed to make her life better.

Here are 6 items I’ve found that are amazing IMO (in my opinion)


Fossil Gen 3 Smart Watch $255 – $275

FTW6002_11I’ve seen the Apple Watch, but it looks a bit too large, with wide bands. Something about it doesn’t let me justify the price tag. So when I saw the Fossil SmartWatch, I instantly fell in love with the round face, attractive bands, and the fact that it doesn’t LOOK like a smartwatch. All the same features (text, change music, see who’s calling, etc.) but in a more attractive package.

Here’s a link to all of the Fossil smartwatches – hybrid and smart.

Deals: Through 11/26, save 30% at Fossil.com using promo code BFSALE30


The North Face Hybrid Hiker Tights $80

Ever have the issue where you don’t want to wear baggy, unattractive, hiking pants or where you hate the way your camping pack rubs your hips when wearing something with a thick waistband? Me too. I always end up hiking and backpacking in yoga pants because I like the slim fit and how the waist lays flat. North Face created some tights for people like me: reinforced in the knee, a large pocket to carry things, but still slim fitting.

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Maria Shireen Athleisure Hair Tie Bracelet $35

athleisure-black-athleisure-5_2048x2048OK. I always wanted one of these, because I am notorious for wearing my hair tie on my wrist 100% of the time, and it always cutting into my wrist. I also hate how it looks in pictures, so unprofessional and casual. This hair tie seems pricey, but I have gotten to where I can’t live without it. It’s a lightweight metal band that can be personalized. I got myself the Athleisure style to wear while being active, and I liked how the clean lines look with my watch.

Deals: Save 20% any time with code TTAC20.
Black Friday (11/24) they’ll be running a sliding discount on all gold products using code MSGOLD. 1am – 12pm = 60% off, 12pm – 3pm = 50% off, 3pm – 8pm = 40% off, and 8pm – midnight = 30% off. (All times are EST)
Small Business Saturday (11/25) uses the code MSBIZ for 50% off the Original Collection, plus free shipping on orders over $50
Cyber Monday (11/27) uses code MSMONDAY, and it’s 40% off EVERYTHING.



The pStyle $12

This thing grosses Matt out so much but I don’t care – I love it. It allows me to pee, literally, anywhere without having to pull down my pants and squat. The instructions are on their website, but it’s super easy to use. I’ve used it hiking but could see it being utilized in so many other situations like a port-a-potty during a crowded event. You can even get a carrying case to store it in. I wipe mine down with one of Bear’s baby wipes after usage (because we do diaper changes on the trails, #kidlife) but you can easily shake it dry and store it in it’s (machine washable) case.

Deals: Use code TENTSTRAILSCOCKTAILS for 15% off.



Sorel ‘Lea’ Boots $200


Every year, Sorel has a boot that becomes my next must-have item. This year, it’s the Lea boot. A low ankled, wedge bootie, that is water resistant. It seems like the perfect solution for wet days that aren’t rainy. It’s available in a few colors, but I really like the Elk’s creamy tan.



Emily Ley Simplified Planner $48

Picture1I love having my schedule and my goals easy to see. I’m that person that carries around a paper planner as well since my personal calendar and my work calendars aren’t on the same devices. A paper planner allows me to write in when bills are due, work events are happening, and key personal activities are taking place. I really like this planner because it allows for meal planning (something I am really bad at, but trying to improve on!) The size of this weekly planner is small enough to throw in my handbag, but not so small it can’t hold what I need.






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