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Tasting the Town: The Charlotte Fried Chicken Taste Off

December 9, 2017
We’ve often wondered, who has the BEST fried chicken in Charlotte? Names are thrown out, arguments are had. So we got together with 4 of our best friends and had a 100% impartial Fried Chicken Taste Off.


The Competitors:

Carpe Diem | $21
Chicken King | $6.75 for a half chicken
Haberdish | $12 for a half chicken
Packhouse | $21
Price’s Chicken Coop | $12 for a half chicken
Quik Shoppe Gas Station | $21

The Rules:

Each person was responsible for bringing a competitor to the (dinner) table. Chicken had to be what you would get from the store, no accouterments added.
Brian served as our impartial distributor, cutting up the chicken and putting coloured toothpicks in them so we could distinguish between them for our voting sheets.
Each chicken was rated on a scale of 1 – 10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.


The Outcome:

Huge surprises here! The overall winner was Packhouse in Dilworth with 44 out of 50 possible points. Packhouse is a new restaurant that none of us had eaten at, but Taylor’s boss strongly suggested we put it on our list.
Second Place was Price’s Chicken Coop in South End with 37 points. We had concerns that maybe Price’s was too old and maybe over-hyped. We were wrong.
Third Place was a close 36 points, Quik Shoppe Gas Station in South End. There have been a lot of articles lately (like this one in Thrillist) saying that the gas station has the best chicken, but our consensus was different. We were also surprised at how expensive the gas station chicken was.
From the NoDa neighborhood, Haberdish came in fourth place, earning 33 points. This hot joint has been getting a lot of praise for it’s fried chicken, but I personally think that their side dishes are what they should be known for: their kale grits and sweet potato dumplings always satisfy.
An expensive place that we expected to score higher was Carpe Diem, located in the Elizabeth neighborhood. It earned 31 points; not terrible but, with its high price we expected more. We’re told that their sauce is what really makes their chicken special.
In last place to the surprise of only Matt and I, was Chicken King from the NoDa neighborhood. This is one of mine and Matt’s favourite places and we were really excited to share it with our friends and blow away their preconceptions on the joint. Sadly, everyone but Matt and me ranked it low and it only got 23 points. Whatever. I still love it.


this was a super fun evening spent with friends. Narrowing down the list to 6 food joints was tough, there are still so many places in Charlotte to try! We talked about making the next one BBQ themed, which will most certainly draw some divided lines!



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