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This is a moving announcement.

Big News! As has appeared to be our habit every three years, we are moving! Where to, you may ask? Well, once again we are crossing the country, 5000 miles back to Alaska. We just couldn’t stay away from those amazing mountains, what can…

February 12, 2018
Bear Doing Things Get Outside

Snow in the South!

It seems to happen this time every year (I legit have a picture of us walking the dogs in the snow today, two years ago. Thanks Facebook memories!) – some sort of snow comes down on Charlotte, turning the city into a (hopeful) winter…

January 18, 2018

Setting 2018 Goals & What Works For Me

Oh my. 2018 is right around the corner, and I’m at that stage before the new year when I have my new agenda, my new scribble notebook, and I’m working on my goals. The start of a new year is a time for reflection…

December 28, 2017

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! We’ve been celebrating Bear’s First Christmas on the beaches of Costa Rica, taking in the sunshine and getting sunburnt! We’ve had limited internet access, but I can’t wait to share our adventure with you in the new year! See you in 2018!…

December 25, 2017