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DIY: Anthropologie-Inspired Wall Hanging

Have you ever seen something really cool at Anthro and been like “I need this” but then your wallet goes “nah, you’re good”? Happens to me all the time. Most recently, I’ve been struggling to figure out what to put above our bed. I…

May 12, 2016
DIY Home Decor

DIY: Chalkboard Wall

Have you ever had a wall in your house that you just stare at everytime you walk in and go “Man, this wall could be so much cooler.”? I have that wall right now. Or rather, I had that wall. There is a huge…

April 27, 2016
Home Decor

DIY: Installing Privacy Window Clings

I am obsessed with windows and letting light into my home. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to actuate our dream of living in the middle of nowhere with hundreds of acres of land and no neighbors. (Jobs that require you to be in a…

March 17, 2016
Home Decor

Renewed: My 100+ Year Old Church Pew

Greetings! If you’re anything like me, you’re in denial about how close Christmas is to being here and pretending like you don’t have gifts to go out and buy for family and loved ones. Instead, I will focus on our Christmas miracle: the rehab…

December 21, 2015
Home Decor Lifestyle

We Have A New House & It’s Kinda Cool

Yo yo yo, welcome to our crib! We recently moved and we found a condo we really love. We really like our neighborhood, everyone who lives around us has dogs, I can walk and ride my bike to cool bars and restaurants and yoga. I’ve…

October 8, 2015