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Activity Guide: A Week In Anchorage

Following up on last week’s food guide for a week of eating in Anchorage, I wanted to share our activity guide. I spent the week doing things that were a quick drive from the city – hikes mostly. Matt did more of an adventurous…

October 2, 2016
Celebration Running

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Stews!

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful weekend – whether you recognized Valentine’s Day or not! We tend to half-ass Valentine’s Day. We know it’s there – but we don’t really do anything for it. If we do some sort of activity, we’re like…

February 15, 2015
Lifestyle Running

Race Recap: 2014 Turkey Trot

Something I’ve grown to love doing each year is the Turkey Trot race. It is the original theme race (hello! pilgrims, indians, turkeys – you see it all on the course!), and something is to be said about getting together with 2000 other people…

November 29, 2014