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Hiking to Pickens Nose



A beautiful Sunday calls for some time outdoors. After doing some research, we found several great hiking trails just North of our cabin in Tiger, Georgia.

Just outside of Otto, NC at the NC/GA border is the Coweeta Hydrological Laboratory. Along the gravel roads by the lab are many hiking trails – several of which connect to the Appalachian Trail.


We chose to tackle the Pickens Nose Trail because of the views of the Southern Nantahala Wilderness to the North, West and South into GA. When the weather is clear and crisp, there is nothing better than standing atop a mountain and seeing for miles. Continue reading “Hiking to Pickens Nose” »

The Stew’s Cross Country Road Trip 2.0: The Lower 48


Believe it or not, we made it back into the USA!

Several weeks ago, in fact. But it’s my blog and I can post late if I want to. There’s a song about that right?

We crossed into the good ole U S of A at 10:45pm through Sweetgrass, Montana. Exhausted, we got a hotel room and slept for at least 9 hours, awakening in time to be late for the breakfast bar. Which apparently closed at 9am. I was chastised by the ladies working the breakfast area, while Matt was given a generous serving of all food and kind words. Man, sometimes I wish I were as adorable as he apparently is.

Once in Montana, we realized we still had 2,000 miles left in a 4,500 mile journey. With a U-Haul. Towing a car.

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Dipnetting on the Kenai: 2015


Ahh, dipnetting. The great Alaskan tradition that is only for Alaskans who have been residents for over one year (and have the way to prove it!). A time to go and stand in the ocean at the mouth of a river in waist-high water using all your muscle strength to hold a net 5′ wide vertical at the end of a 10′ long pole.

It’s kind of my favourite thing ever. After getting to go dip netting last year, I got hooked (that would be a great pun, but dip netting has no hooks!) and counted down the days until the 2015 season opened on the Kenai river.

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The Stew’s Cross-Country Road Trip 2.0


Greetings from the road! The Stew’s are currently on a road trip from Anchorage, Alaska to Charlotte, North Carolina with Jorgen and all of our stuff in a U-haul!

As you may remember, we made this trip in the opposite a few years ago, but this time around we’re going much slower (U-Haul’s tend to not be speed demons) and hitting up a new state!

Here’s the plan: 10 days, ~4,500 miles.
US States We’ll See: Alaska, Montana, North Dakota (new one for us!), Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina
Canadian Provinces We’ll See: Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta

Here’s how day 1 went:

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Hiking to the O’Malley Ridgeline


Saturday, June 6th was National Trails Day, a day to celebrate our trail systems! There are so many amazing trails in Alaska, and all across the USA that I have loved exploring and hiking on.

To celebrate the day, Matt & I decided to take Moose on a more technical hike up to the O’Malley Ridgeline. The weather was in the 50s, just a little bit overcast. Perfect hiking weather, in my opinion.

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