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Trip Report: A Weekend in Manchester, Vermont


With the exception of this past weekend, it’s been way too hot in the Carolina’s. We’d been itching to go somewhere and get out of the South, but everytime we’d think of a cool place to go visit, the cost of airfare would deflate our dreams. (Seriously…$1200 for two people to go to Boston? That’s rediculous.)

Finally, Matt pulled the trigger and booked us a getaway to Dorset, Vermont; located just outside of Manchester in the Southwestern part of the state. I submitted my request for my last vacation day of the year (The fact that Americans don’t get enough vacation days is another rant of mine – we’re already running out of 2017’s as we begin allocating it out), and we made zero plans for the weekend other than to enjoy the chill of the Northeast and check another state off of Matt’s list. Continue reading “Trip Report: A Weekend in Manchester, Vermont” »

Activity Guide: A Week In Anchorage


Following up on last week’s food guide for a week of eating in Anchorage, I wanted to share our activity guide.

I spent the week doing things that were a quick drive from the city – hikes mostly. Matt did more of an adventurous long weekend that needed longer drives. It provided a nice mix of activities for everyone!

Continue reading “Activity Guide: A Week In Anchorage” »

Food Guide: A Week in Anchorage


As you all know, Matt and I recently returned to Anchorage in August for a little over a week to see friends and participate in Anchorage RunFest.

I constantly get questions – both in person and through e-mail – asking me “What should I do in Anchorage?” and “When’s the best time to go?” so I thought I would recap some of the activities and restaurants we visited recently. Consider it a tourist guide through a former locals eyes.

First up, food. These are the places I deemed necessiary to grab a bite or a beverage at, while fueling for the week or catching up with friends. Continue reading “Food Guide: A Week in Anchorage” »

Flying With Dogs


If you’re like me, you are obsessed with your pets and want to take them everywhere with you. I mean, whenever we’re discussing camping trips and hiking trails I literally muse out loud “Yeah, Moose would love a trail like that!” as if my dog wouldn’t love ANY trail that we let her run free on.

That being said, not every trip is driveable, and sometimes you do have to fly your beloved fur-child. People with small dogs have it lucky: they can just put them in a carrier under their seat. My dogs are 65 lb. and 75 lb. – they’re not fitting under the seats at all. Continue reading “Flying With Dogs” »

Nantahala Brewing Co | Bryson City, North Carolina


There are amazing things to do all along the mountains of Western North Carolina. There’s hiking along the Appalachian Trail, Mountain to Sea Trail, or any of the COUNTLESS other trails. There’s amazing rock climbing. There’s white-water rafting along the Nantahala River.

And there’s really good beer. Something about that mountain water, man, it makes for good beer.

If you’re spent a day at the Nantahala Outdoor Center rafting and kayaking along the river, you may or may not know that great beer is just around the river bend. Yeah, I totally just channeled Pocahontas. Located in Bryson City 8 miles from the NOC is the Nantahala Brewing Co., home of delicious beer and a really cool taproom!

Continue reading “Nantahala Brewing Co | Bryson City, North Carolina” »

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