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A Short Essay: Hiking Mt Baldy

Scrolling through photos on my phone (which are increasingly being taken over by a 3 month old baby – not that I hate it) and I found my photos from a hike I did with my friend Betsy on Mt Baldy in Alaska. Looking…

April 28, 2017
Cocktails + Eats Travel

Food Guide: A Week in Anchorage

As you all know, Matt and I recently returned to Anchorage in August for a little over a week to see friends and participate in Anchorage RunFest. I constantly get questions – both in person and through e-mail – asking me “What should I…

September 13, 2016
Get Outside

Eagle & Symphony Lakes: Final Hike in Alaska

Last Tuesday was our final day in Anchorage on this trip so before we packed up our belongings for the long looong flights home, we needed to get outside one final time. So a 12-mile hike was obviously in the books! Betsy took a…

August 31, 2016