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Food Guide: A Week in Anchorage


As you all know, Matt and I recently returned to Anchorage in August for a little over a week to see friends and participate in Anchorage RunFest.

I constantly get questions – both in person and through e-mail – asking me “What should I do in Anchorage?” and “When’s the best time to go?” so I thought I would recap some of the activities and restaurants we visited recently. Consider it a tourist guide through a former locals eyes.

First up, food. These are the places I deemed necessiary to grab a bite or a beverage at, while fueling for the week or catching up with friends. Continue reading “Food Guide: A Week in Anchorage” »

Eagle & Symphony Lakes: Final Hike in Alaska


Last Tuesday was our final day in Anchorage on this trip so before we packed up our belongings for the long looong flights home, we needed to get outside one final time.

So a 12-mile hike was obviously in the books!

Betsy took a day off work to hike with us (She told us that when she told her boss she was going to take a day off for hiking, they were like “Why are you telling us? Just go.” which reminds me of how amazing it is to live in a state where it is expected to be outside when there is good weather and hiking to do)  and we drove to the South Fork Valley Trailhead in Eagle River – about a 30 minute drive from downtown Anchorage.

The day called for a bit of rain, but we ended up with a slightly overcast hike in the beginning, and incredibly warm sunshine for the way back. I was regretting a long sleeve shirt almost immediately, and ended up taking off my hiking pants and finishing the hike in yoga pants.

While out on the trail, we came across 3 other people. Three. On a 12 mile, 4.5 hour journey. I absolutely love how you can find peace and alone-time anywhere, when Anchorage is such a big and crowded city.

Continue reading “Eagle & Symphony Lakes: Final Hike in Alaska” »

Back in Alaska: Honey Bear Hike


Currently, I am back home in Anchorage for Anchorage RunFest. I say back home, even though I am not an Alaska native, because it’s been my most favourite place that I have ever lived. We made awesome friends up here, and got to explore and grow our love of the outdoors. Matt got to downhill ski, rock climb, and mountain bike. I got to cross-country ski and snowshoe. We both got to hike and backpack and experience true wilderness. It’s where I am the happiest.

So being back in Alaska for the first time in almost a year (11 months and 2 weeks but I didn’t keep a countdown or anything), I was desperate to get out on a mountain again. Luckily, Betsy (a fellow Carolinian who has made Alaska her home) is a great hiking buddy and she took me to a trail I never climbed in Bear Valley – only a 30 minute drive out of Anchorage during rush hour traffic.

The weather was incredibly sunny – the second evening of sun after weeks of rain – and would have been warm if it weren’t for the wind. We laughed at how our hair was blown around, and how our ears were so cold from the wind. Our hike was incredibly steep, and among catching up on life, we questioned why we’ve never acclimated enough to be hikers who don’t get out of breath.

Dipnetting on the Kenai: 2015


Ahh, dipnetting. The great Alaskan tradition that is only for Alaskans who have been residents for over one year (and have the way to prove it!). A time to go and stand in the ocean at the mouth of a river in waist-high water using all your muscle strength to hold a net 5′ wide vertical at the end of a 10′ long pole.

It’s kind of my favourite thing ever. After getting to go dip netting last year, I got hooked (that would be a great pun, but dip netting has no hooks!) and counted down the days until the 2015 season opened on the Kenai river.

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Power Creek Trail in Cordova


Located near the mouth of the Copper River is a small town called Cordova. There are no roads connecting the town of 2,200 people so you can only access it by plane or ferry.

So obviously we had to go explore it!

Continue reading “Power Creek Trail in Cordova” »

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