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Hiking to Mendenhall Glacier via the West Glacier Trail


The Stews returned to Juneau. Not only is it an amazing city, but the Mendenhall Ice Caves were the true draw for us. Last time we went to Juneau we weren’t able to get to them, so we had planned another trip specifically to go.

The Ice Caves are considered one of the best places in the world to take a ‘selfie’, and we figured living so close, we should check it out. (Ok, I know. A plane ride 1,000 miles isn’t ‘close’, but it is in the same state and I live in Alaska – let me pretend things in my own state are close!)

When we were doing research on how to get to the caves, however, there isn’t much out there. We scoured other blogs and hiking sites to figure out the best approach. Since we had such a tough time figuring it out, we tried to document our trail so others could attempt the same way we did.

This was by no means an easy hike – if you’re not a skilled hiker with some climbing experience, you can get hurt. State Troopers said this where most of their rescues happen, usually because of injuries like broken ankles or falls. Don’t attempt if you’re not good at outdoorsy-ing.

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