Canoeing, Ice Cream, & Sasha Being Super Helpful

June 23, 2013

Great news everyone, we finally bought a new gun!


New Gun! Yay!

We are officially ready to take on any bears that may come to attack us. Matt even got a super cool holster that straps it to his chest, for quick bear fighting reaction time.

Does anyone else find it hilarious that we have to prepare for these instances?

That being said, we decided to use this weekend as a chance to get out into the wilderness and explore our beautiful new homeland. We decided to rent a canoe from REI’s rental program. It was only $45 for the day, and the rental program allows you to try out different kayaks, canoes, etc. before you buy (or just use for a one time occasion.) The customer service at the Anchorage store was great – our associate Alex was really helpful with recommending lakes to explore, and activities to do throughout all of the seasons.

20130623-185105.jpgWe even got Sasha her own backpack, so she can start carrying her weight around here.

Not Thrilled

Not thrilled to have responsibilities

Yes, believe it or not, I lied when I said in the title of this post that she is being super helpful. She’s not. She actually spends most of her time doing this when she’s not running into the neighbors yards, barking at kids, and refusing to go in the backyard.

Sasha doin' what she does best

Sasha doin’ what she does best

Anyways! We decided to stretch our canoeing muscles at Eklutna Lake in the Chugach State Park. It’s this beautiful, HUGE, amazing lake fed (from what I can tell) from the snow runoff.

Approaching the lake.

Approaching the lake.

Carrying the canoe from the truck to the lake proved to be difficult. It was a really long walk on some rocky terrain with a very heavy canoe. Next time, we will do kayaks – much lighter.

2013-06-22 14.38.48 2013-06-22 14.00.18

20130623-185048.jpg 20130623-185031.jpg

We paddled over to what we though was a grassy area to eat lunch. Turns out, wasn’t really grass, just wet green stuff. We still enjoyed a lunch of grapes, a roast beef sandwich, and Orange Crush soda (mmmm, yummy). We laid out on our life vests for a while, Matt workin’ on his tan, me reading a book, and Sasha exploring like only she can.

Ranked up there with Cortes, Magellan, and Columbus.

Ranked up there with Cortes, Magellan, and Columbus.

After a relaxing lunch, we decided to explore the lake some more. Sadly, my seat in the canoe broke – the screw popped out holding it up! After re-enforcing that yes, I do need to find a workout program up here, we had to compromise to where Matt did all of the paddling while I could do nothing but sit. (Tough break, I know.) 2013-06-22 13.51.10

The exploring was too much - nap time

The exploring was too much – nap time

By the time we were done, my forearms and triceps were burning from paddling (I did help a little bit. It wasn’t all relaxing and napping in a boat).

Since it was so hot out (No lie. It was a warm day.) we finished off the day with Ice Cream!



There was this cute shop called Rochelle’s Ice Cream shop right as you enter the state park. I’ve got a huge sweet tooth, so there was no way I could resist! Matt even joined in and got a Wildberry ice cream cookie sandwich (so out of character, I know). Overall, a perfect day.

And we didn’t even see any bears. Or moose. Or Elk. Or Caribou. We’ve been terribly deprived of wildlife viewing since arriving.




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  • Reply Nancy June 24, 2013 at 01:32

    You are too funny! Loved this post. How far is Chugach State Park from your house?

    • Reply Emily Stewart June 24, 2013 at 20:30

      The lake was only about an hour away – straight up Glenn Hwy!

  • Reply Evie Stewart June 24, 2013 at 05:15

    Nice to see my boy smiling again! All it took was a little more plaid in his wardrobe, a “coming-soon” sporting store and a new gun! That’s my MATT!!

  • Reply Stacy June 24, 2013 at 16:57

    The mountains and lake look so beautiful; What a fun adventure! Can’t wait to hear more about your REI rental fun.

    • Reply Emily Stewart June 24, 2013 at 20:30

      Thanks Stac! I can’t wait to see the dress you’ve been making – you have to share final pics!


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