Hiking to Flat Top

July 8, 2013

One great thing about Anchorage (and I guess Alaska in general) is that it has a lot of great hiking in the area! This is awesome, because I really enjoy hiking. It’s relaxing, it leads to amazing views, and it is a fun way to enjoy time with people.

Sunday Matt & I decided we would attempt Flat Rock. It’s a popular hiking trail about 10 minutes from our house with amazing views of the city of Anchorage and the mountains and bay.


Absolutely beautiful sights

One things thats really cool about Anchorage is it is home to some of the biggest tide changes in the world. In the bay, the high tide vs. low tide is several miles long – when we were hiking we could really only see the mud flats since it was low tide. The ocean was literally miles away.





Beautiful Flat Top from close up!

This was the first chance for the dogs to spend some time together in a neutral environment and really get to know each other. It worked really well, because they spent the day sharing water bowls and walking alongside each other. They were also a lot more cuddly with each other when we got home.IMG_2681 IMG_2677 IMG_2676

Everyone we passed on the trail loved Sasha’s backpack. It really has been one of our better investments – not only does she carry her own water and water bowl, but she gets to carry her own poop bags. If you’re active with your dog a lot, I highly recommend one. There are some really pricy ones out there, but we got Sasha’s from REI for about $75. Ones from Ruffwear were closer to $110, and since she’s a bigger dog (75 pounds!) she had to get a larger size.IMG_2674The hike up was really steep, and absolutely exhausting! It was 2.2 miles each way, which normally isn’t much, but we experienced over a 1000 ft. elevation change. While we were strolling leisurely, we saw a lot of trail runners. Trail running is one of those intense things that I admire – I wish I could do it but my lack of balance and stability make me a prime candidate for injury. I would totally be the person who falls and breaks their arm.

On our way down the mountain, my gracefulness really showed as I slipped on every loose rock invented. I ended up turning my ankle and it swelled up really big. The picture really doesn’t do it justice.



After a great hike though, we decided to take the pups to Petco to get Moose a new collar and her very own dog toy! Once we got home, Sasha promptly claimed the new dog toy for herself, so I guess we will have to work with her on sharing.

Have you ever gone trail running? What tips could you give to someone interested?




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  • Reply Randy Stewart July 8, 2013 at 09:39

    It sounds and looks like the four of you had a great time. You should get a saddle for Moose and put an end to those twisted ankles.

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