Tackling Public Transit

July 1, 2013

As most of you know, we are a one car family. (Clarification: in the South we were a 2-car family as my company provided me with a car for every role I had with them. It was awesome and something I miss.)

We have Matt’s F-150, but I don’t have anything. The thought of buying a car to get around a town that’s only 10 miles long and 10 miles wide seems absurd, and I’m too much of a grinch to even consider paying for a car (much less gas and insurance).

So I’m tackling public transit! I spent hours studying the online maps, reading the tips, trying to figure out fares and routes and times. I think I finally got it.

From our house to the nearest bus stop, it’s about .6 miles, and there are like 4 stops all in one spot. (I don’t really understand, but I’ll just go with it.)

From there, I can fortunately take one route from there all the way to downtown where I work. No switching stops, it’s really quite a nice ride.

I decided to do a practice run today to see which scheduled pickup time I need to catch to get to work on time. I also figured I’d go with the whole day pass so I can explore the area by bus and try to get my bearings.

Getting to work was easy. I even swung into Nordstrom and rewarded myself with a new pair of rain boots! (In my defense, it’s supposed to rain and I am saving a lot of money by not getting a car!)20130701-140243.jpg

I also got my official People Mover pass, so now I’m legit.
After the rewarding, I took the bus (route 2) over to Matt’s office to meet him for lunch!

Then I took the bus to the grocery store to get some supplies to cook some of the amazing salmon Matt caught this weekend.

This is where I get embarrassed. I walked to the wrong street to catch the bus home. And I missed my bus by 10 minutes. So I had to sit and wait for 50 minutes until the next bus came around. Darn these perfectly square blocks that feature the same name (Seward Hwy and Old Seward Hwy).

In my defense, this is a really confusing map, right?

Overall, I feel like a warrior and ready to tackle the bus again. I feel like with some good books to read, I can even make good use of the commute time. I plan on keeping it up through the summer, but I may have to evaluate it again come winter.

Have you taken public transit anywhere? How do you find your way around without a car?



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  • Reply Debbie Jones July 1, 2013 at 16:51

    You can do this. I have a friend in DC who takes public transportation most places.

    I also highly recommend a kindle Fire HD. You can read books (without carrying heavy books around all the time on something that will fit in your purse! If you don’t feel like reading, there are games (like Sudoku, crosswords, etc), apps for grocery list, and more (no more loosing pieces of paper!) And they are not all that expensive. (about $169 for the 7′ which I think is a perfect size.)

  • Reply Debbie Waldenville July 2, 2013 at 12:36

    Em, I did it when Uncle Jack and I lived in Charlotte, and I worked downtown. The only time it got interesting was when Debbie was pregnant with Krystal. I sewed, cross-stitched and read on the bus.

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