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DIY: Ikea Lamp Upgrade

September 28, 2013

IMG_3599Several months back, I was browsing around the Ikea in Charlotte (as I was often known to do, back when I was a ‘Lower 48er’). One thing I love about Ikea is it’s affordability, and it’s selection of goods.

Most of our house is decorated in Ikea – they’ve got the cheap looking pieces, yes, but they’ve also got some items that look like they could be Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, or even Pier 1.

So when I saw the BRÅN lamp, I snapped it right up. The base was $18, the lamp shade was $10; I figured it would be a great addition to whatever room I put it in.

And so it sat. It sat in the guest room at the house in Greenville (without a bulb), and it sat in the guest room in Anchorage (without a bulb).

Once we came up with the concept for our behind the sofa table, I realized the lamp finally had a purpose! It was to provide light when the overhead light was too bright, but no light was too dark!

Yay, a mission for the lamp! Only thing was, it looked kind of boring to me.

I'll just be chillin' in the corner if you need me

I’ll just be chillin’ in the corner if you need me

So I decided to fill the base with something we have plenty of in our house: wine corks!

Here were my supplies:


The toughest thing about this project was removing the lid of the lamp: Ikea had it glued down. After some online googling, a solution was found!

IMG_3591All you need to do is use a hair dryer on high heat for a long time to melt the glue! I feel like this MacGyver act will prove useful in the future, so I’m going to catalog that in my mental folder.

Once it was open it was time for the fun part: filling it with corks! I know you can go out and buy corks, but we used ones we had around the house. Something I liked was our corks were mostly from our favourite vineyard in Tiger, GA: Tiger Mountain Vineyards. It’s a fun little reminder of home.

IMG_3596Overall, the project took about 30 minutes. Really easy way to update a lamp, in my opinion!

Here’s the finished project:

IMG_3597Do you have any easy update projects for around your house? Let’s share ideas!





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