Winner Winner, Pub Food Dinner

October 17, 2013

So for those of you who don’t know, Matt & I have become quite the runners.

By quite the runners, I mean we run once a week.

One of our fave things to do in Anchorage is the Tuesday Night Social Runs, hosted by Skinny Raven Sports and McGinley’s Pub downtown.

Every week, they create a route of around 3 miles that goes around downtown, through some of the cutest neighborhoods (I get serious house envy every week!) and along the coastal trail. They also have several of the running brands there that help sponsor the runs by letting you try out gear (mostly shoes), and give awesome door prizesĀ for the end of the run socials.

We’ve been able to see some amazing things on our run.


Like a domesticated ReindeerĀ (which actually has her own Facebook page).

And just the most amazing views of the mountainsIMG_3633Like seriously. We’ve also had really pretty views of the bay, and have gotten a chance to explore the Coastal Trail through these Tuesday night runs.

But I would be lying if I didn’t say what the best part of the runs are:

IMG_3191 IMG_3564At the end of every run, the route concludes at McGinley’s Pub – a great spot downtown where we get to rehydrate our electrolytes with some excellent local beer. (Alaska Freeride APA is my fave, FYI.)

At the bar, they give you tickets for running, and an extra ticket if you tried out the weekly sponsors product.

IMG_3786Now we’ve been doing the runs for about 8 weeks now, and despite the AMAZINGLY LARGE number of prizes they give out every night, I have never won. I’m always one number off, or some other sad story. So I usually just relish the fact that my beer is technically zero calories because I ran.

This is how I justify it, don’t judge me.

But last night, things changed.

First off, we finally did the run with people we know! (yay friends!)

Secondly, I finally won something.

IMG_3784Not just any prize, I won a pair of Altra Running Shoes!!!!

IMG_3785Usually after prizes are drawn at McGinley’s Pub, we head to Flattop Pizza & Pool for another round of drinks and the chance to win more prizes.

Once again, I usually never win. But luck was my best friend last night. And guess what!

IMG_3787I won ANOTHER PAIR OF ALTRA RUNNING SHOES! And in our group, we had winners all around! We won a total of 3 pairs of shoes between the group,

IMG_3788Bart won a pair of socks, and two beer mugs!

And because Matt & Lindsey didn’t win anything, the bar took pity and gave them Jim Beam racing hats!

IMG_3790 IMG_3789Overall it was an incredibly rewarding night. I hit a 10:44 min/mi pace, despite 30 mph winds pushing against us, and I won some shoes. YES!!!! And I got to have dinner and drinks with great people, so that is always a win.

Best part was the temperature (it was super warm for the season):


56 degrees in October, y’all!

I can’t wait to update y’all with which shoes we choose, and how we act like we’re legit runners!

Now we just need some suggestions for ways to stay active in the winter months…. the snow is on its way!





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