Happy November 1st!

November 1, 2013

I hope you all had an amazing halloween! We had a great time here in Anchorage. Over the weekend, we ran in a costume race and went out with friends.

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We even found a hot dog, who was so excited to see a ketchup and mustard!IMG_3860 But what I am most excited about is the fact that it still hasn’t snowed yet.IMG_3888There isn’t even really snow on the mountains yet either. Everyone told us moving to Alaska would be so cold, and we would have no need for sandals, shorts, and skirts. But they were wrong.

We had an amazing summer, with record sunny days and record high temperatures. And we’re having an amazing fall, with a lengthy leaf colour changing and warm temperatures. This past monday, it was 51 degrees – a record breaking warm day.


I did finally get my snow tires, so when the snow finally comes I should be ready. (Wish me luck!)

I’m also super excited for November because my parents are coming to visit for Thanksgiving this year! It will be their first time back in Alaska since they lived here, so they’re pretty pumped too. I just can’t wait for my dad to make his AMAZING pumpkin pie!


And the final thing I am excited for on November 1st is this:IMG_3870The Big Wild Life Runs registration officially opened today!!! It features a marathon, a walking marathon, a marathon relay, a half-marathon, a 5k, AND a one-miler. But brand new this year they’re adding a 49k Ultra (that’s a little over 30 miles people!). As you all know, I’m a member of the Big Wild Life Runs race committee, so I am super thrilled about the new addition to the race.

We’re also getting social at the Big Wild Life Runs, by incorporating a hashtag into our social media efforts (#BigWildLifeRuns). You can also find Big Wild Life Runs on Facebook, Twitter (@BigWildLifeRuns), & Instagram (@BigWildLifeRuns)!

What are you excited about in the month of November? & who is going to come visit me & run in this amazing race? I can’t wait!





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