Today Was An Incredibly Beautiful Day

December 2, 2013

Today was beautiful. I know, I know, I always talk about how pretty Alaska is. But when the temperature dips into the single digits and negative temps, the pain of the cold is rewarded with the clearest skies you’ll see.

I took a ton of pictures today, being that person who pulls off on the side of the road to capture an image.


View from Glenn Hwy of the mountains overlooking the Palmer Hay Flats Game Reserve



Knik River (Frozen Over!)


Knik River with the Mountains in the background


Stumbled across our dream home on the outskirts of Palmer.

I also seriously found our dream home. Its a log cabin (Swoon!) kind of in the middle of nowhere, but with close access to Parks Hwy (or AK Hwy 3… either way it’s the main road into Anchorage). Only problem is it is not for sale…. and Matt would have an hour long commute. Oh well.

I also got to watch the most amazing sunset. Seriously, iPhones do not give Alaska justice! One thing about Anchorage is that the sun rises late and sets early in the winter (today it was a 9:45am rise with a 4pm set), but the sun lasts forever. I literally had this view for the entire 45 minutes drive home. As soon as I ran home, I ran upstairs to snap this picture from our balcony of the sun setting over the water.


Once home from work, I got to spend time with the worst best dogs ever. Even when they’re being terrible (aka ‘chatting’ with me during conference calls, peeing in the house, sneaking on the furniture) they’re still so loving and cuddly and make coming home awesome.


I always look sad, even though Mom & Dad spend all their free time loving and petting me


“Does this yawn make me look like a real bear?” – Sasha



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