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I finally hung some pictures!

January 19, 2014

I know, I know, it’s been a while since I updated. I lent Matt my computer so he could do computer stuff on it, and it’s tough to borrow it away from him to have time to do everything I need to do in the hour or so of time I have. (also, my apologies for that incredibly long sentance)

Anyways! Life around the Stewart house has been oddly normal: we go to work, we come home and play with the dogs, we discovered Moose is INCREDIBLY good at catching things in her mouth, and we’ve been lamenting the rain.

yep, rain. This week, we had several days about 32 degrees, and more rain then I would care to have. A lot of the snow melted, and our streets are starting to look like they will when the snow all melts in the spring. This is sad, but it also gives us a second chance at shoveling our driveway when it snows (something we definitely haven’t been good about).

Today, I finally got around to doing something that has been on my to-do list for several weeks months now: frame and hang up the prints I bought in october!

They’ve been sitting behind the couch like this for a looong time:

IMG_3974but now, it looks like a real life living room! I was determined to find rustic looking frames, and luckily, Michaels was having a frame sale! Buy one get one free, which made the outrageous Alaska prices feel a bit more manageable.



We celebrated with a little bit of snowshoeing, and then Matt went back to working on his computer because he’s doing some super cool computer thing in Charlotte this upcoming weekend and I’m not entirely sure on the details but it’s pretty cool.

IMG_4972 I was even able to find a frame for our family photo I had printed back in December! This excites me beyond words, but I just can’t figure out where to hang it! For right now, it’s propped up on our TV console.IMG_4973Do you ever procrastinate at things needing to get done around the house? How do you motivate yourself?




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  • Reply Christian January 20, 2014 at 07:24

    This blog makes me really miss Alaska.

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