Snowshoeing at Dusk

January 20, 2014

Sunday night, Matt and I rewarded ourselves for some excellent picture framing and hanging with an hour of snowshoeing. We’ve been half-marathon training, but took a week off (it was really rainy. Not an excuse, but I didn’t want to be splashed with water while I ran. Lame, I know.)

Trying to get back into something, we skipped yet another run and went snowshoeing on flat top instead. (Way better life choice, to be honest)

Our friend Stephanie wanted to join and break in her new snow shoes, so we ventured to my favorite spot: Flat Top Mountain on the Glen Alps Trail… literally a 10 minute ride from our house.IMG_4963


We got there just past sunset (so, 5pm) but to where there was enough light to see the mountains. It was really beautiful: the range looked like a black and white photo. My red and Steph’s green jacket really stood out on the mountain.

Matt served as an awesome personal photographer (He’s so good at that) and took this great picture of Steph and I climbing with Anchorage in the background.

That first pic made it look like we were in wilderness, didn't it?

That first pic made it look like we were in wilderness, didn’t it?

The thing I really like about snow shoeing is it literally is just like walking. but instead of sinking to your knees in fresh powder, you kind of float on top. It also gives amazing traction: the picture right above was taken while we walked up a sheet of ice (I’m serious!).

IMG_4960 The Glen Alps trail is awesome, because you don’t have to walk far to feel like you’re completely isolated. The mountains are pretty, and all of the animal prints in the snow remind you that you can come across a moose at any time.

Also, if you get to the top of the range, you have a pretty good chance of seeing the aurora borealis (or northern lights, as they’re sometimes called). The only time Matt & I have seen the lights, though, is when we were driving from the airport at 3am on Christmas Day.IMG_4959But you’re also always close to the city, so I know if we ever got stranded or hurt, we would have cell service and it would be super fast for the rescue squad to find me. Especially if they request to be my friend on the iPhone Find My Friends app. (It’s creepy, but I love it.)

Speaking of getting stranded or hurt, Matt went snowboarding the other weekend with a bunch of our friends. (I was still recovering from the first time we went!) He ended up taking some spills, one in particular that killed his shoulder and left a nasty bruise on his hip.

I was immediately a concerned wife, and fretted about what would have happened had he hit his head, or had to go to the hospital. Since he’s allergic to penicillin AND amoxicillin, I worry about him having an allergic reaction at the hospital. Since he’s native american, the cheapskate in me goes “how will they know to take you to Native Heath? Providence is so expensive!” (I’m just saying, Alaska’s native health hospital is awesome… Matt’s super lucky to get access to such a great facility with great staff for free.)

So I ordered both of us RoadID bracelets. I’ve been doing a few solo runs, and with Matt getting into snowboarding, I felt it was best to have both of us with identification in case anything should happen.

Mine says my name, and Matt’s phone number as an emergency contact. Matt’s has his name, allergies, a request for native heath services, and my contact info. The bracelets are really comfy, I didn’t notice mine on at all while snowshoeing (and that was with 3 layers over top).



I got the wrist ID slim, while Matt got the Wrist ID Elite (he’s fancy, huh?) His comes with an adjustable wristband that you put on like a watch, while mine is a continuous loop (but ideal for small wrists like a woman’s or a child’s).

That’s my little soapbox about safety while doing outdoor things. It would also be pretty smart to have too if you’re doing any type of traveling. If you want one, here’s a link to their site: RoadID, and I’ve got coupons for $1 off. Just let me know and I’ll email you the code!

How did you celebrate your sunday this weekend?



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  • Reply Nancy January 20, 2014 at 18:06

    On Sunday I went to the Heist Brewery with friends and watched Seattle beat San Fran. Good times!

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