A Mid-Winter Camping Trip in Hatcher’s Pass

February 12, 2014

So last weekend, I went camping. In Alaska. In February.

Honestly, it wasn’t as crazy as it sounds (although I was a bit worried that we would have to scour for firewood for heat, and was fully planning on making Sasha and Moose cuddle me for warmth.)

We stayed at the Lodges in Hatcher’s Pass with several friends, about 15, to have a kind-of going away party for one of our friends who is moving to Los Angeles for 10 months. She really loves Alaska, so I think this was an awesome way for her to celebrate her time here and sustain herself for 10 months of LA weather (which, 75*… ugh).IMG_5146

The cabins were actually really nice: carpets, real beds, chemical toilets (this will tell you every thing you want to know about a chemical toilet)

My pictures are really deceiving. We had ~15 people at the cabins for this trip, and my photos only show 3 other people. My excuse is that we were all enjoying each others company to take pictures. That’s valid, right?


One really cool thing that happened was that we got to see the Aurora Borealis! It was the most vivid I’ve ever seen them, we saw white and green, and I am so angry that my iPhone couldn’t capture the majesty of this on its camera. They played across the sky for close to 15 minutes, and everyone just stood outside, mouths agape at the wonder of this event and agreeing that this was the reason to move to Alaska. (C’mon, cabin in the mountains surrounded by snow with a mother nature light show overhead – dream destination I say)

Jason & I got up early (like, 8am) to take the four dogs out to use the bathroom and we were able to capture an amazing sunrise over the mountains.

IMG_5157 IMG_5158

After everyone woke up the next day, we decided to venture into the surrounding mountains on foot. By foot, I mean some cross country skied and the rest of us snow shoed. (I was team snow shoe!)

The views were spectacular. It was a perfectly clear sky, temps in the teens, and views for days.



Jay & Erin – adorbs


These are our 4 dogs that came on the trip. It was a really steep mountain!


The Girls! Erin S., Erin O., myself, and Stephanie P.


so alaskan in our plaid without jackets.

IMG_5164 IMG_5165


Sasha wore her backpack with pride, and Moose had to wear her jacket because she was so cold

IMG_5170 IMG_5168 IMG_5180 IMG_5169

So who wants to escape the Polar Vortex in the South and come to Anchorage and hang out with me? Since it’s the mildest winter ever, you may have more snow than we do here!



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  • Reply Michelle G March 16, 2014 at 15:15

    Gorgeous pictures, Emily! Seeing the Aurora Borealis is definitely on my bucket list 🙂

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