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Solo Roadtrip to Homer

March 26, 2014

On Tuesday afternoon, I packed up my car for the night and headed south towards Homer, Alaska. I have some customers in the peninsula, and I honestly didn’t want to deal with airfare and a rental car this week. The fact that the sun is setting later each day, and we’ve been having warm, beautiful weather made me more excited then ever to escape Anchorage’s bustling city life (I know people in cities with 500,000 people. You can laugh at me) and escape to some isolated land.

According to apple maps, it was a 6.5 hour drive. I did it in 4.5, with all the stops for photos

According to apple maps, it was a 6.5 hour drive. I did it in 4.5, with all the stops for photos. Without even speeding. (yay for no RVs slowing me down!)

I feel like I took a million pictures, and blew up everyones Instagram feeds (P.S. Follow me on Instagram if you like seeing me brag about pretty things in Alaska!)

So I figured what better way to share them with friends, family, and internet framily then through my blog!

So here goes:

View along Seward Hwy near Beluga Point

View along Seward Hwy near Beluga Point


Moose hanging out on a frozen lake on the side of the road. So cool!


Mt Iliamna at sunset!


Descriptors of Mt Iliamna and Mt Redoubt (volcanos!) at a viewing point


Ninilchik High School. How would you like this to be your mascot? (Because in all actuality, it looks really bad ass!)


Sunset in my rearview mirror. I stopped for this photo, I promise


Sunset from the Welcome To Homer hill! you can see two volcanos and a barge in the water. AMAZING!


Literally the OTHER side of the parking lot. Welcome to the Halibut Fishing Capital!


No visit to Homer is complete without a stop at the Salty Dawg Saloon!


Got Matt (ok, I totally hope it doesn’t fit him and that I can have it) a classic Salty Dawg sweatshirt! Also, I had to sleep in it as my hotel room was freezing and I couldn’t figure out the heat.


Good Morning! My view from my hotel Wednesday morning. Bonus: walking distance to my customers AND to lots of great artshops!

Sadly, I didn’t get to go in any art shops while in Homer. I’m saving those for a trip down with my girlfriends. Or if Matt & I take a trip down, I can go shopping while he fishes!


Amazing breakfast joint, the Cosmic Kitchen!


Best breakfast ever!

Bonus fact about the Cosmic Kitchen: They serve breakfast, lunch, AND mexican! Finally, a restaurant Matt & I can agree on.

IMG_5880 The next few shots are from Kasilof, Alaska. An incredibly cute town, with a surprising amount of cool tourist photo ops (I didn’t even get all of them!)

Check out this super creepy video on how to actually pronounce Kasilof (or just watch the video I posted on Instagram!)


Realistic size of mosquitos. No lie, in Alaska they’re enormous.



Can you find your state? I spotted a South Carolina!

IMG_5911IMG_5914IMG_5881IMG_5918 IMG_5919 IMG_5887

In Cooper Landing, I saw some guys fly fishing and fishing from a kayak on the Kenai River. As it was a super pretty, 40 degree day, I really wanted to join them and kayak around. Disappointingly, I saw no bears on the Kenai river. I guess I’ll have to wait for salmon season.IMG_5886 IMG_5885 IMG_5884Overall, amazingly beautiful drive. I also had an excellent day at work and had great interactions with my customers. Perfect cherry on a 27-hour time span.

Here’s a picture showing where the different cities I stopped in are on a map. I know Alaskan geography sounds foreign to anyone who hasn’t been here. (Prior to living in Alaska, I was so confused about city names in AK!)

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 10.21.41 PM

How did you survive your wednesday this week?



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  • Reply Briana Olson March 29, 2014 at 00:07

    Great pictures!! Alaska is so beautiful. The mosquito selfie killed me, haha. So funny.

    • Reply Emily Stewart March 31, 2014 at 11:11

      I LOVED the mosquito statue. I never knew they could be so big (or vicious!) until moving to alaska!


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