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Anchorage loves Cabela’s

April 15, 2014

Anchorage has a Cabela’s!!


The Cabela’s in Anchorage opened last Thursday, April 10th. People freaked out. Over 4,000 people went to Cabela’s on its opening day. I was actually in Kenai the day it opened, and struggled getting a flight home because grown adults were flying into Anchorage from all over with empty duffels to go shopping at Cabela’s. Oddly enough, flying into Anchorage to go shopping isn’t unusual. A lot of people fly in from bush communities to go grocery shopping at Costco and clothes shopping in town because it’s more affordable. A gallon of milk in the bush community can be over $10, and go bad quickly.

Anyways. Matt & I met up at the Cabela’s on Friday after work to explore. In our old town Greenville, they had just gotten a Cabela’s days before we did so I was excited to go explore.

The place is a museum of stuffed animals and beautiful things.


Beautiful ceilings, chandeliers, and whales.


The biggest fireplace you will ever see in a retail store.


Commemorative hats calling out the city of Anchorage. (Disclaimer, I actually bought one of these for Matt because they reminded me of a leather Browning hat he wore all the time when we first started dating)


There was a forest of taxidermy-d animals in the center of the store…. IMG_6181

… directly over an aquarium. With real live fish. I know, guy in my photo, it is pretty cool.


There were taxidermy-d bears and goats all around the top of the store. I loved that they made the bear swipe for taxidermy-d fish.


There is also a gun library. I’d say half of the store shoppers were in the gun and ammo area. Very popular in Anchorage.


Matt got some ammo! & he was in heaven.


There were a lot of shoppers.


It is very exciting that Cabela’s has come to Alaska. I’m honestly surprised there wasn’t one up here sooner, but apparently something is causing retail chains to finally make their way up (A Bass Pro Shop opens this summer). The Cabela’s is really close to our house (less than 5 minutes) so I may have to start checking our credit card statement and making sure Matt doesn’t spend too much time there. 😉

For those of you in SC, how was your Cabela’s opening? Does your store have the cool stuff ours does?



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  • Reply Tara April 15, 2014 at 06:15

    I went to the grand opening in Gville. We missed the big crowd b/c we went later in the day. I second the ‘biggest fireplace you will ever see’. After two hours in the store & my brother & his girlfriend informed me that we were just getting warmed up, I parked it in front of the fireplace. Our Cabela’s looks nearly identical to yours, except the shout out to Anchorage on the caps. We had orange & maroon t-shirts (think Clemson & USC) with Greenville on them. Miss you guys!!!

  • Reply Nancy April 15, 2014 at 15:01

    What a great store! I was excited to see Matt wearing the barn jacket we got him for Christmas. 🙂

  • Reply Brian April 16, 2014 at 11:19

    I remember that Browning hat of Matt’s. How about grab me an Anchorage Cabela’s hat, and i’ll try to snag a Greenville one.

    • Reply Emily Stewart April 16, 2014 at 11:21

      Haha deal! I’m sure Matt would love that. I’ll get you yours as a flag day gift!

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