Attending a Tweetup

April 14, 2014

Last week, I RSVP’d and attended my first ever Tweetup.

What is a tweet up, you ask?

Basically, it’s a group of people with similar interests on twitter (#aktweetup, y’all!) meeting up in real life to network.

I’ve been trying to do new things that I didn’t do back South up here, and this is something that I’ve thought was cool but never had the guts to participate in.

Originally, I was going to go on my own, but then I wussed out. What if everyone was weird? (weirder than me, rather) What if everyone was just on their phones the whole time staring at their screens tweeting at each other instead of having a real conversation? My nerves got the best of me, and I showed up at Matt’s office when he got off work and kidnapped him and made him come with me. There goes all my independent woman street cred.

The location of the Tweetup was at a place called The Boardroom. It’s a co-work space where individuals who don’t normally have offices or are running their own businesses can call home, and do work with the added benefits of human socialization. There was a place like it right beside our house in South Carolina, and I considered going several times when I was an account manager to motive myself to do more than computer work with Netflix streaming.

IMG_6163The tweet off started a little slow, I think a lot of the other people there were a bit nervous as well. Luckily, they had free beer from a local brewery to help provide some social lubrication!

IMG_6160Matt & I spent our first 15 minutes there talking with the beer guys (because, duh, they had beer) about a new beer they were coming out with and about the beer competition happening in Denver, and other beer related things.

After drinking some beer, we explored the layout. One thing they had that was super cool was a projector showing tweets about the tweet up! (so meta)

IMG_6161After exploring, Matt & I went to the Wheel Good Food Truck outside of the building to get some dinner. I love food trucks, and this one didn’t fail! I had a quinoa reindeer mix, matt had a caribou burger, and we split some fries. Overall, delicious as always.

IMG_6164OnIMG_6164Once we ate, drank, and explored, we became the social butterflies you all know us to be. Sadly, I was battling a sinus infection (literally, I went to the doctor that morning), so I sounded terrible and my throat hurt so badly. I think people were avoiding me for fear of contagion. Whoops!

But we did meet a lot of really cool people! We chatted with people we wouldn’t normally have ever met, like a girl who does roller derby, a lady who runs the Girls On The Run chapter for Anchorage, a food blogger, a guy who works for Visit Anchorage tourism, and DJ Spencer Lee: the best DJ in Anchorage who once kicked me out of a bar because Matt dared me to turn the turn tables. (Happily, he didn’t remember me).

Another cool thing they did was give out door prizes! I won a $10 gift card to the local coffee shop, Kaladi Brothers!

DJ Spencer Lee & I posed with my win (and our matching Louis bags!)

DJ Spencer Lee & I posed with my win (and our matching Louis bags!)

Matt won a door prize too: two tickets to a Roller Derby event for Saturday night! We went, it was a neat experience that I’m glad we took the time to explore. A bit weird, but we’re learning that if it ain’t weird, it ain’t Alaska.

Overall, there were about 50 people at the Tweetup, ranging in age from hipster (young) to classics (older than your usual tweeting demographic). We got to meet a lot of cool and interesting people who we would have never met before, and share stories of life in Alaska. I would definitely go to another Tweetup, maybe even by myself!

Would you ever go to a Tweetup? Would you be braver than me and not kidnap your significant other outside of their office to attend with you?



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