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DIY: Home Address Plate

April 5, 2014


We had a problem at our house.


Also, we finally took down our christmas lights today, April 5th. I kept singing Redneck Woman all day.

We had no house numbers. Just remnants of the mismatched numbers that the house came with. One of the first new home projects I attempted was replacing them when I was putting up our Clemson flag.

Unfortunately, the address plate I ordered off Etsy never came, the seller became unresponsive, and two months later American Express (seriously, best credit card company ever) removed the charge from our card. And we were back to square negative one.

Instead of ugly numbers we hated, we had no numbers at all, and just an outline of where some used to be.


I’m actually a bit embarrassed it took us this long to get an address plate. We literally haven’t had one since August. And aside from a rude comment from the UPS guy (hey! we had numbers on the mailbox!) and telling anyone who came over to ‘look for the orange clemson flag!’ we were fine without them. I know, so lazy. There were just so many other cool things to do!

But it was ugly.

So we browsed on Etsy again, but the address plates were so expensive for what we liked, and so ugly for what we wanted to pay. So I browsed on Pinterest. I ended up finding some cool ideas, and decided “I’m handy. I’ll build one!”

So, it was off to my favorite home improvement store, Home Depot for supplies.

IMG_6058We picked up a 1″ x 8″ x 6′ board, a 60″ long edge molding, the house numbers we needed, and a fancy new brad nailer.

Side note about the brad nailer: I have been wanting this guy ever since I heard it was coming out. It allows you to basically use a pneumatic nailer, WITHOUT the pressurize air. All it takes is the Ryobi One+ batter (it’s a really cool system for any homeowners looking to do their own projects, but not trying to abuse them day in and day out).

Anyways, here’s how we did.

First, we measured where we wanted the address plate to hang. The space was 21″ wide, so we decided to cut our 1″x 8″ to a 19″ length. That way it would fill the space, without being too tight.



After cutting our big board, we cut our molding to the same length (19″) to have it align properly. Since I don’t have a great way to cut angles, we just put our molding on the top and bottom of our address plate. I’m sure it would look awesome on all four sides.

After making our cuts, it was time for the fun part: using our new Ryobi One+ Brad Nailer!

IMG_6072Since the nails that came with the Brad Nailer were 1.5″ long, I just used wire snips to cut them flush with the wood.

IMG_6075After this was done, we were on to the hardest part: ensuring the new numbers were going to go on straight.

We used a level and painters tape to tape the number stencil down and to ensure it would be perfectly straight.

IMG_6076After drilling the pilot holes, we decided to stain + seal the wood, because obviously Alaska is a harsh environment on anything, and we wanted our hard work to last for the entire length of our home ownership

Quick Tip: Whenever painting or staining, an easy way to prevent your project from sticking to the paper is to use pushpins to hold it up!




For staining, we used the same stuff we used for our behind the couch table, a Cabot stain in the color Gingersnap. I like it because it stains + seals in one coat, so you don’t have to worry about going back over to seal it and missing spots.

IMG_6081While we were waiting for the sealer to dry, we I had a major dance session with the dogs to some great 80s music.

When it was finally dry, we mounted the board onto the house first. This allowed us to hide the mounting screws behind the numbers, so you can’t see them.

Once the board was mounted, we used a waterproof silicone glue to mount the numbers in our drilled holes. This will help our project last by 1) keeping the numbers in without cracking over time, and 2) prevent water from seeping into the wood and rotting it from the inside.

Overall, I think it looks great!

Yay! Our home is now identifiable to EMS in case we ever have an emergency!!

Yay! Our home is now identifiable to EMS in case we ever have an emergency!!

So I have to ask: What easy projects have you been putting off? I know one of my next ones is painting our front door, and hopefully putting in a glass screen door so we can let the light (but not the mosquitos) in this summer!









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  • Reply Jess April 7, 2014 at 06:13

    Jealous of that brad nailer. We just bought one a few weeks ago but it’s not cordless and the air compressor is so loud until it fills up. Don’t get me wrong, I love it but dang cordless would be convenient!

  • Reply Jess April 7, 2014 at 06:15

    Oh, and I love your address plate! I’ve been wanting to do something similar but there’s not really a great place for one on our house 🙁

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