Float Planes over Anchorage

June 5, 2014

Happy Friday!

Well, at least it’s Friday for most of you. For the few of us left at the end timezones, it’s still Thursday night (10pm here in Alaska!)

I had a really awesome Thursday though, thanks for asking! I got to spend my evening at the monthly Visit Anchorage Business Exchange, which was hosted this month at Rust’s Flying Services! It was a really great event filled with live music, good food, AND A FLOAT PLANE RIDE!

IMG_7291The event was sponsored by Visit Anchorage, which I think does an excellent job highlighting everything there is to do in the area. Even as a resident, I always grab their guides and look for new adventures.

The companies that were presenting were also right up our alley. I saw the people for the Denali aviation tour and 26 glacier cruise I’m actually going on next week (I can’t wait to share about those adventures!). I was also able to get some stuff for future weekend excursions to Denali National Parks and with the Alaska Railroad, so I’m pretty pumped about the fact that we can never say “I’m bored” this summer.


But that’s not why you clicked this link title, I advertised float planes!IMG_7303 Part of tonights event was sponsored by Rust’s Flying Services, and the event was located on beautiful Lake Hood. When Matt went fishing last summer, this was the company he and his co-workers used to get in and out of the fishing area.

Rust’s was allowing free 15-minute float plane rides of Anchorage to the first 400 attendees at the event. We made the cut! I was super excited, as it was my first time in a float plane.
IMG_7304 We got to wear cool headsets to listen to the pilot’s instructions and talk to each other. Through the headsets, we could also hear all the communication with the air control towers. I had never realized how intense it was to be a pilot and all the things air traffic control does: they were watching our plane the whole time, on top of all the other planes in the air and the big jets landing at the Ted Stevens International Airport right nearby and with the cargo planes coming in. Whew! How they keep it straight blows my mind!IMG_7312 IMG_7316 It was really cool to get an arial view of Anchorage. Normally whenever I’m flying in/out of town, I don’t get the chance to really observe the city and recognize the landmarks. IMG_7321 IMG_7324 One thing I always find funny is how crowded Anchorage is. When you think Alaska, you tend to think lots of open space so the fact that Anchorage is a packed city always throws people off. Look at this picture below: it’s just a snapshot of how many houses there are crammed into a tiny town.IMG_7329 You can see Matt’s office (left side of the below photo) and downtown! We were flying really low: we even were able to spot Matt’s truck at his office.IMG_7330

Awesome Fact: Lake Hood is the busiest float plane lake in the world, handling around 190 flights PER DAY!


Some of the other planes leaving the dock to go queue up to fly!

It was another super cool experience that I am so excited to have gotten to partake in. Every week I feel like I get a new Alaskan experience, and I absolutely love it.

Anyways, enjoy your Friday! I’ve got an amazing weekend planned with my friend Megan, who is coming up all the way from Atlanta, Georgia to spend a week living the Alaskan lifestyle with me!




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