1 Year

August 12, 2014

Today is my one-year anniversary in pharmaceutical sales.

I have learned patience.
I have learned the roads of Alaska.
I have learned where the good restaurants are in the major cities and who does the best lunch catering.
I have learned how to properly estimate the food needed for groups of 4-50.
I have also developed a sense of paranoia that everyone I know and love will get diabetes (put down the candy bars people! Artificial sugar is the enemy!)

It’s been a great opportunity to explore the state I love and now call home, and a chance to feel like I make a difference in providers helping their patients.

I just wanted to recognize today. I can’t believe we’ve been in Alaska for this long, it has really flown by. Another winter is approaching (as the chilly and rainy today reminds me) and soon we will be swapping our bikes and shorts for skis and snow pants. I can’t wait!



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