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The Totally Productive, Makes Me Feel Like A Real Adult, Weekend

September 28, 2014

Hello! How are you? Don’t mind me, I’m just acting like an actual adult and doing real life things.

Matt & I had what I consider an incredibly productive weekend. I am super impressed with us, and want to take a few minutes of your time to brag about it. *pats self on back*


I got up early and ran a 5k race with my friend Rebecca. I did pretty good, and started off the weekend with physical exercise. How very adult of me.

Then we spent the day redoing our offices. With winter coming, we realize we don’t need to be heating the downstairs of the house since the only thing down there is a guest room and Matt’s office. We’ve been talking about downsizing next summer and moving into a smaller house. Our house now is great – for a family with kids. As we are not a family with kids and would rather spend our time hiking versus doing yardwork and spend our money traveling versus paying high bills on a house.

So, we decided to move Matt into my office and have us share a space. This will be a great trial run for determining if we can comfortably share a small workspace. Matt hopes that it will lead to me being less messy of a person.

Here are some before and afters of my our office space!





Ok, I admit it was messy and kind of became a storage space for me. On Saturday we went through everything in both of our offices, came up with big donate, sell, and trash piles and worked on combining our space. I think it looks pretty good!





my desk is actually useable!

my desk is actually useable!

I’m excited to be able to actually utilize and focus in my office. It got a little out of hand, so I was doing my work everywhere else in the house – kitchen table, couch, Matt’s office – it’s nice to have a clean workspace.

We finished Saturday night off with 2 bottles of Tiger Mountain Vineyards’ Rabun Red and several episodes of Suits, Season 3. (A show that mature adults watch, to learn about various lawyering of course)IMG_9167

The dogs were even allowed upstairs to watch television with us. It was a big day for the whole family.


Continuing on with our “we’re adults!” day, we’re being boring and spending the day working. Matt is working on his app, and I’m studying for my real estate exam this Friday. We are even going to take the dogs for a long walk this afternoon.

Ahhh, so this is what it feels like to be mature. Not a bad experience every once in a while.



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  • Reply Debbie Jones September 28, 2014 at 16:18

    But where did you put your world map you were so excited about when you got it?

  • Reply Bryan McDewell September 30, 2014 at 05:08

    What kind of app is Stew Daddy developing?

  • Reply Jess October 8, 2014 at 09:06

    Looks awesome! Also, Suits is one of our favorite shows. I definitely watch it to learn how to lawyer and not for the eye candy…definitely.

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