Fall Came… For A Week

October 19, 2014

Fall was here in Anchorage… for a little bit!

I guess technically it is still here, as there is no snow on the ground and winter technically begins December 21st, but it is getting quite cold here and I have started parking my car in the garage again to prevent having to use the ice scrapper in the mornings. (Poor Matt. His truck doesn’t fit in the garage, so he will forever have icy cold fingers.)

I keep seeing on Instagram and Facebook all of our friends back South at Clemson tailgates and pumpkin patches, and enjoying warm fall weather. I’m a little jealous, but then I remember how much I hate being sweaty and it makes the jealousy subside. So here’s what we’ve been doing this week to enjoy the beautiful fall season.

I got a new jacket. I told you in a previous post that I ordered it, but it finally came! Living in Alaska has been the best excuse for adding things to my wardrobe (“Matt, I need it! We live in Alaska! You don’t want me to die of hypothermia do you?!”) It’s super warm and I feel really cute and I’m excited to stay warm and still look professional.


I also carved a pumpkin! This month has been a birthday month for sure, with a million people having birthday’s. (Happy birthday Steph S., Stephanie P., Erin O, Bart R., Brian O., Chris H., my mom, and the one million other people I missed!)

For Stephanie’s birthday, I threw her a pumpkin carving party with just a few of her closest peeps. I’m pretty glad I made the cut, because how awkward would it have been if I would have just dropped the pumpkins off and left?

Below is our art! From left to right: Stephanie, Kristina, me, Jodie, Erin O., Erin S. Mine is hanging out on our porch, and will hopefully become moose bait20141016_214454 Speaking of moose, Melvin has returned to our neighborhood! We were taking Sasha for a walk around my ‘hood when all of a sudden Sasha stopped and stared at our neighbor’s yard. There was Melvin in all of his glory, eating some leaves and staring at us like a bored supermodel (you know how they have the long skinny legs).

It was also the first time Stephanie has ever walked a dog, so it was a super exciting walk to say. Can you find Melvin in the photo below?20141017_175552


We’ve also been keeping up with our Sunday hikes. Our favorite trail is near the Upper Huffman Trail Head because it is usually pretty isolated and we can let the dogs run without a lot of concern with running into other people or other dogs. Today’s hike was so cold, and the landscape has changed considerably since last week. All of the leaves are gone, and there was frost all over the ground. Of course the dogs had to take their obligatory walk through a creek on the trail.


And the mountains have been amazing. Cold weather means less clouds, so you can see the mountains in the distance so much better. The two photos below were taken with a camera phone, if that tells you anything about how clear and beautiful it was!20141019_140021 This is actually a photo of Denali! (Just for you, Megan) Denali is several hundred miles from Anchorage, but on a clear day it seems like it’s rising from just across the river.20141019_140100How have you been enjoying your fall?




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