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The Stew’s Drink Brews: Alaskan Brewing Co.

November 24, 2014


We are still on our quest to drink at all of the breweries in Alaska, and share our drinking adventure with you! (I know, how magnanimous are we?)

We spent the weekend in Juneau, Alaska and swung by the famous Alaskan Brewing Co.


Alaskan Brewing Co. brewed their first bottles to sell in 1986, with an all volunteer team (I’m hoping they got paid in beer!). Since then, the brewery has grown to be one of the most recognized in Alaska and around the Lower 48, with beer available in 17 U.S. States.


They’ve set up their tasting room to where it’s the first thing you see when you enter their Shaune Dr. location. Guests can come and drink up to 6 samples per day for free, so it tends to be a happening spot for locals to come after work and socialize while they fill their growlers with one of the delicious beers on tap.

During the summers, you can take tours of the brewery and have the full experience of watching the giant barrels brew and taste the ingredients that go in. Since we’re in November, the tour room wasn’t open, but I still love their big table in it. I need one for my own house!


Since Juneau is a bit of a hit with tourists, they also have a great merchandise shop with the tasting area, as well as a downtown depot store for those fresh off their cruise ships to stop by. I come to Juneau about once a month, and I stop by the Alaskan Brewing Co. every time for free samples and to purchase their wooden signs featuring the different logos of their beers.


Matt and I went to the brewery twice this weekend (we had to buy more signs for people!), and so we were able to taste the whole range of beers they offered!

So many to choose from!

So many to choose from!

Emily’s pick: Cranberry Spruce (only available in Juneau though) and Hopothermia
Matt’s pick: Icy Bay IPA & Pumpkin Porter
Best known for: Alaskan Amber


Alaskan Brewing Co. is located at 5429 Shaune Dr., Juneau, Alaska.



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