#TBT! The Stew’s Go To China: Sharing a Bathroom in Old Beijing & Panda Bears!

January 8, 2015

Happy Thursday! (I know, it’s probably Friday for you. That’s what I get for being at the end of the timezones).

I’m still posting about our travels from when we went to China last April (I’m so far behind!), so my game plan is just to share with you via Throw Back Thursdays now. That’s a thing right? “Hey here are my vacation photos I never shared to begin with, but internet hashtags make this socially acceptable!”

ohh, someone's sassy today. must be the complete caffeine withdrawal. (That's caffeine free tea in my cup, FYI).

ohh, someone’s sassy today. must be the complete caffeine withdrawal. (That’s caffeine free tea in my cup, FYI).

After our Dragon Boat ride at the Summer Palace, we boarded our tour bus and headed into old Beijing for lunch.

There was an option to go on a rickshaw ride and eat lunch at a local’s home, but it would have cost us ~$80, so we opted out. We opted out and explored on our own and had an amazing noodle lunch. The craziest part was how affordable it was: we got around 5 different meat/noodle entrees so we could try a variety, and the total ended up being around $15 USD! Compared to Anchorage prices, we were dining like kings!

Our restaurant of choice

a little of our food

other people eating! I found this really cool at the time. I know - I'm weird.

Exploring Old Beijing was a great way to get a glimpse back in time and see an old neighborhood. The homes are very old, with a lot of community involvement. After lunch, we wandered around the area.





It’s a really really old part of Beijing, so the housing is really desired because it’s in the center of town, but at the same time it doesn’t have the same amenities as the parts of Beijing with the high rises. For example, instead of a private toilet in each home, there is a community toilet area.

So everyone in the neighborhood goes to the same bathroom. And there aren’t stall doors.

I feel like you would really have to be close with your neighbors.

Once we met up with our group again, our guide was awesome enough to take us to the Beijing Zoo so we could see the Giant Pandas!



As you can imagine, I had a mini freakout.


I can’t help it! The panda’s were SOOO CUTE AND FLUFFY and they all reminded me of Sasha (as they were chubby and fluffy and rolled in dirt).






How cuddly and cute are those panda bears? Ahh!

Next Up: I finally stop writing about Beijing and start writing about how Matt ate starfish, scorpions, and snake from a street vendor.





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