Wine Wednesday: My New Fave Tradition

January 22, 2015

This past Wednesday, I got to participate in the most fun of activities: wine drinking.

I know, I know. Wine drinking is always fun. Why is this particular wine drinking occasion worthy of a blog post?

Ahh my friends, because we classed it up. We called it Wine Wednesday (the capital letters make it a proper thing), and made it into a fancy wine tasting evening.

Everyone has been so busy with the new year and stress of jobs, so my friend Jodie planned the Inaugural Wine Wednesday at her place. Everyone was instructed to bring a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and be at her place at 7pm.


We poured our wine into decanters, numbered them, and then hid the bottles behind the bar. We had 8 girls, therefore we had 8 bottles of wine. We all received tasting cups and paper & pen to write down our notes on the wine.

We threw out plenty of wine ‘buzzwords’ like “look at the legs of the wine” “tannins” “earthy notes” “hint of black cherry” as well as my friend KK’s infamous “Balls”. (That is her descriptor of most everything – positive and negative. We really listen for the tone she uses to determine good or bad.)

While we wine tasted, we ate an amazing meal prepared in Jodie’s very own kitchen! We had salad, hand-made meatballs, and pasta to pair with our wine.

Plugge with the Tomato/Basil/Mozzerrella salad for the win

Plugge with the Tomato/Basil/Mozzerrella salad for the win

It was a great chance to hang out with some of my favorite Alaska ladies and share laughs and stories over a home-cooked meal.


Jodie also has the most precious cat – a Russian Blue – named Ollie who got all of my attention. I love cats, but Matt is deathly allergic so I do not get to have one.


Ollie seemed very pleased to have eight sets of hands to pet him, and showed off his cat skills by rustling in his play house, and running to the underside of the couch.

After we had tasted (and re-tasted, and re-tasted again for good measure) all of the wines, we had an ultimate winner: Sage brought a 2012 J. Lohr Cab from California that won over everyone’s tastebuds. We were able to taste wines from Argentina, Chile, California, and Washington all from the comforts of someone’s living room in Alaska. I love modern society.

At the end of the night (5 hours later…), we decided that this must become a bi-weekly event. I can’t wait to see who hosts the next tasting, and what wine we will bring! What are some fun girl’s nights events you host?



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