The Stews Go To The Virgin Islands: Christmas On A Boat

February 20, 2015

I’ve already told you about how we started off our Christmas vacation in grand Griswold fashion: with a sea urchin attack; and about how much fun we had in St. John.

The rest of our trip was painless, and we actually spent a lot of time on a boat. Hey, when you’re in the Caribbean, what better way to explore?

my Dad & The Heavenly Days

my Dad & The Heavenly Days

Our first boat adventure was an afternoon snorkeling trip. It gave us time to nurse the hangovers all 4 members of the Accipiter/Stewart clan were nursing (even though my mom will claim she was fine), and a chance to spend the morning laying on the beach.

Whenever we go to tropical places I always love seeing the iguanas, and Matt always enjoys touching them. There were a handful that kept hanging by the boat docks, so we got to indulge and admire them. Fun fact: iguanas are attracted to the color red. So if you want to get up close and personal, wear red in some way.

a red shirt works great

a red shirt works great

Once on the boat, it was nice to relax and catch up with my parents and take in the beautiful surroundings. The 80 degree weather was a huge change from the low teens were were getting in Anchorage.


When we finally reached our snorkeling destination, I couldn’t believe how pretty it was. We spent a few hours swimming with sea turtles, chasing fish, and avoiding sea urchins (it’s always the small things that sneak up on you).



Later we went out on a sunset cruise, watching the sun go down over Charlotte Amalie, the main city on St. Thomas.




We also spent another full day on a boat, when we took a charter out to explore the British Virgin Islands. But that’s an adventure with so many pictures, I’ll save it for another day.


Overall, we didn’t realize how much we missed warm weather and oceans and wearing shorts until we were back South. Matt is planning on taking sailing classes so that way, one of these times, we can spend a vacation on a rented boat and sail around. This would be a dream for us: we wouldn’t have to worry about hotel rooms or itineraries, we could just go with the ocean flow (provided we have our passports and follow all maritime law) for a week or so. So new vacation plans for 2016? I think so.




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