A Beautiful Day in Kodiak

March 1, 2015

Last week I got to go to Kodiak, Alaska for the first time since moving to Anchorage!

It was a pretty special trip for me because my parents lived in Kodiak in the 80’s when they were the same age as Matt & I are. My parents haven’t been back to Kodiak since they moved to North Carolina roughly 28 years ago, so I spent the day sending my mom photos of the town.

I was actually supposed to make the trip 2 weeks ago, but the weather in Kodiak is notoriously awful. My original flight got cancelled due to fog, which is a common occurrence. For this trip though, we had nothing but clear skies!

I started off the day at work (duh, who do you think pays for all of these trips?), but since I took the 7:30am flight in, and was placed on a 7pm flight home, I found some free time.


Security at the airport was a breeze.

One thing I did that was really fun was stroll with the harbor master around the St. Paul Harbor in downtown Kodiak. Despite my father being a Coastie, I don’t have much boat knowledge so it was nice having someone willing to answer my silly questions. (Questions like “Why is water coming out of the side of the boat?” The answer was because the engine was turned on, and that’s how it keeps the engine from overheating.)


Did You Know: The St. Paul Harbor in Kodiak can hold 750 boats? When I was there, there were 650 docked.


I also got to chat with a commercial fisherman who was telling me about what it’s really like on the boats.

For example: These are P.Cod Pots. They're modified crab pots to catch Pacific Cod - they swim into the orange bits.

For example: These are P.Cod Pots. They’re modified crab pots to catch Pacific Cod – they swim into the orange bits.

Also, I saw two immature bald eagles! They were hideous!

This is our symbol, America.

This is our symbol, America.

Another cool thing I did in Kodiak was go to the top of a local mountain where the windmills are and watch the whole city.


It was beautiful. I really got a perfect day to come and check the sights, because you could see the whole city.


You could also see the lack of snow – it was a 40 degree day when I was in Kodiak! Northeast & Southern states – please send me your snow. I am getting very sad about the lack of winter I have received.


I also couldn’t venture to a new city and NOT check out their brewery. The Kodiak Island Brewing Co. is right downtown, so I can imagine it is a super popular post-work watering hole for the locals. They have some great beers, but I went with a Snowshoe Pale because it has an excellent hoppy taste, while still being light and crisp. Yum!

So many options on tap!

So many options on tap!

It was a great trip to Kodiak, but I would really like to come back with friends in the summer. There is so much to do on the island – from hiking, to the beach, to fishing, to crabbing – AND IT HAS THE BIGGEST BROWN BEARS! I have put on my calendar to come over for Crab Fest – a celebration in the week leading up to Memorial Day filled with King Crab legs, activities, and lots of crazy events (Two Words:Survivor games.)



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