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A Cold & Muddy Hike

April 2, 2015

To celebrate the end of March, we joined up with some friends for a hike and some tent sleeping.

The weather was supposed to be nice and warm, but you know what they say about the best laid plans… something something doesn’t always go as planned.

It ended up being an overcast day with an even colder night. But since it is Alaska, we didn’t back down from adventure. 🙂




We headed South of out town to Indian, AK – about 10 miles down Seward Highway. It was me, Matt, Jodie, and the pups. Sasha & Moose can never turn down an outdoor adventure!


The trail we chose to tackle was the Bird Valley Trail – a trail system with some strenuous bits that also features a great lower half for ATVs and Backcountry skiers.



Since it’s March, we’re pretty much directly between winter and summer. There was no snow on the trail, but there was a ton of ice. Parts of the trail literally felt like a skate rink!

We got a bit nervous at the beginning of the hike – we ran into one person on the trail carrying a massive rifle. He gave us a warning about the bears being awake and that he heard one near him during part of the trail, so throughout the whole hike we kept thinking Sasha was going to bring a bear to us as a ‘new friend.’



One of the best part of the hikes was our halfway break – we stopped at this beautiful frozen river and Jodie pulled out surprise beers for us! It was so relaxing to sit on a log over a frozen river, knowing that in a few months water would be free flowing below us.



Matt, not being one to relax, had a blast throwing ice chunks at the water and seeing if he could break off bits of the ice. We all joined in, and it was a super fun activity.

MooseOnIcePoor Moose had a little bit of an incident – she liked to sit too close to the ice shelf and it actually gave way and she fell in the river! Luckily, she climbed out before Matt had to rescue her, and gave the cutest dry-off shimmy shakes we have seen! I can’t imagine how cold she was – the water was barely above freezing.

After the hike, we met up with our friend Alex and set up our camp sites. After dinner (freeze dried lasagna for the win), we headed down to the ‘beach’ to watch a beautiful sunset.



We strolled around as well, checking out the chalk art on the rocks. The dogs love strolling on the water, but they both kept going into the mudflats to drink the salty water. yuck! And we were worried Sasha’s little stick legs would sink her into the mud.




We also got a chance to take a family photo! Sasha & Moose were active participants (clearly), but it was so pretty.


It was the perfect kick-off to spring, and to more hikes this upcoming summer. We really want to do more backpacking trips, and are always looking for recommendations. So I have to ask, what are your favorite trails and camping hikes in South-central Alaska?





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