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Backpacking Along Crow Creek Pass

April 30, 2015

Last weekend Matt, along with our friends Jodie and Alex, went backpacking along part of the Crow Pass trail. I’m a bit jealous I didn’t get to join, but living vicariously through Matt’s photos from last weekend only pumps me up for our hiking trip next weekend!

Crow Pass is an amazing trail because it’s roughly 24 miles long and connects Eagle River to Girdwood, completely bypassing Anchorage city.¬†They started at the Eagle River Nature Center, hiking ~3 miles of the 24 mile trail into Echo Bend, just past the Rapids Camp Loop

Snapshot of where they hiked

Snapshot of where they hiked

Because the wind was blowing so hard through the valley, the team set up camp about 100 yards from the river, back in the woods. I laugh to myself as I type this, because I was told a funny anecdote about Matt’s tent – apparently he set it up in a great location and like an amazing outdoorsman – minus the fact that he was right under a split tree. There was concern that the tree would fall and crush his tent! (You can see the tree on the right side of the photo below)


“Notice that crooked, dead, tree at the right of the photo. Neither did I. I had to move my tent later.” – Matt

Once they set up camp, the team hiked further down the trail to a great photo spot Jodie & Alex had found when they hiked the entire trail last September (Yes, our friends are badasses. It’s one reason why we hang with them.) The weather was a lot better this time around, so they wanted to capture some new pictures.


View from the overlook.

Along the way, they came across several downed trees from what appears to be a really bored beaver! It looks like the beaver was trying to make some new art for their Beaver Lodge, haha!


Beaver Art

Also spotted were 10 – 15 Dall Sheep on the mountains above the trail, but unfortunately they were too far away to photograph well.


View from the gravel bar near the fire. You can see Jodie & Alex (the pop of color) in the bottom left hand.

Once they returned back to camp, it was time for dinner. The only place you can have a fire on the trail is on one of the gravel bars of the river, so they found a sheltered place (with a great view!) to build a fire.

Gravel Bar

View from the gravel bar at dusk.

Matt said it was an awesome trip, and we are both excited to hike the entirety of Crows Pass this summer. We are planning on taking 2 nights/3 days to do the 24 mile trek so we can truly enjoy the sights along the way. I am suffering severe hiker’s envy, but it only has me more jazzed about joining Matt on another adventure soon!

What gets you excited for the next adventure? And who wants to join us for hiking Crow’s Pass this summer?!





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