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Celebrating The Summer Solstice: Rock Climbing On The Turnagain Arm

June 25, 2015

Friday, June 19th (The day before the Solstice!) Matt & I went to go check out some climbing routes we heard about located off of the Turnagain Arm.

We had just gotten some new rope, I got new gear for my birthday, and to be quite frank – the weather has been so amazing the last thing we wanted to do was climb indoors. We’d heard from a guy who works at REI about an area called Pivot Point that featured a few walls ranging from 5.6’s to 5.11’s, so we figured it had a bit of variety for everyone.

After a seriously steep, but short, hike from the road we reached the first rock wall. Matt & I set some anchors and checked the wall, but the route was so short we figured it wouldn’t be that fun for our climbing group.

So, we found another wall that had amazing views and a better range of routes. We stayed out climbing until close to 9pm before heading into town.

The view from the second climbing spot. So Pretty!

The view from the second climbing spot. So Pretty!

The first climbing spot. Too short, so we moved on.

The first climbing spot. Too short, so we moved on.

We returned Sunday with a group of friends – Allison, Betsy, & Travis – ready to enjoy the long day and get some climbing in.

Photo by Betsy Bull

It was a great day, and I was super proud of myself for getting up a route that was really tough for me, and started a bit rocky (read, 4 failed starts before I finally got a grip on a tiny sliver of rock with my finger tips). By the end of the day, my triceps, forearms, fingers, and abs were burning.








Of course, the only thing to make a great day climbing with friends better is so post-climbing beers! We hit up King St. Brewing Co. for a few pints and to share stories.


If you’re interested in climbing in the same area, here is the route to walk back from the road: Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.35.28

For parking, follow these directions. From Anchorage, head south on Seward Highway, and turn around in the McHugh Parking Lot. Just after you start to head back North, you’ll see a small gravel area on the side of the road near a rock cliff and field together. Park There. Follow the beaten path for .2 miles and you’ll be ready to set your climb!



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