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Hiking to the O’Malley Ridgeline

June 7, 2015

Saturday, June 6th was National Trails Day, a day to celebrate our trail systems! There are so many amazing trails in Alaska, and all across the USA that I have loved exploring and hiking on.

To celebrate the day, Matt & I decided to take Moose on a more technical hike up to the O’Malley Ridgeline. The weather was in the 50s, just a little bit overcast. Perfect hiking weather, in my opinion.

Matt has done this hike before in the winter, but this was my first time overall. As we were hiking, Matt was commenting on how different it was doing the trail without being on a thick layer of snow and ice.


our Garmin map. Click the photo to go to the Garmin page showing the full route.

Here’s a map of our hike, taken with my Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch. Also, I need recommendations: how do you log your hikes? My Garmin dies really quickly (like, it died before we reached our final peak on this hike), and I always have to go back and fiddle with settings.

We began our hike at the Glen Alps parking lot, and followed signs towards Williwaw Lake, then split off to O’Malley peak. It was a steep hike, gaining over 3,000 ft. of elevation and getting to walk beside some snow pack (always exciting to see snow in June!)

Words can’t explain the beauty of the hike, so here are some of my favourite pictures I took during our journey (I had to narrow it down so much!)


View of the O’Malley Ridgeline and peaks. We climbed up to the peak on the left.








Following the Ridgeline to the edge for an amazing view of Anchorage!






How did you celebrate National Trails Day? And seriously, give me recommendations for a new way to track our hikes!



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