The Stew’s Cross Country Road Trip 2.0: Canada

August 24, 2015

Phew, several THOUSAND miles later and we’ve got internet again!

We crossed into Canada from Alaska Thursday night, and crossed back into the US at Sweetgrass, Montana Sunday night (1045pm to be exact), so we basically spent a long weekend in Canada. We did a LOT of driving.

Day 2

Day 2

Day 3

Day 3

Day 4

Day 4

Overall, we covered 3,101 km (or 1,891.61 miles) in 3 days.

While the trip was mostly beautiful scenery, we did have some really cool moments.

KeaneLakeWe had lunch overlooking beautiful Keane Lake, which had gorgeous views and is home to a large caribou herd. There was also a nip in the air, letting us know winter is on it’s way.

buffalo1We saw our first wildlife of the trip: a buffalo!


hotsprings1We made the time to stop at the Liard Hot Springs again. It’s a resort-like park in the middle of the route in British Columbia and the perfect place to relax. We stopped here on our way up, and made it a ‘must do’ for the way back as well.


buffalo2Upon leaving the hot springs, we were greeted by more buffalo! I was literally so excited. They’re so wonderful!!

In the town of Taylor, we had a hard time finding camping sites, and hotels in Ft. St. John were over $150/night. Which is ridiculous. So, we ended up sleeping in a rest stop with about 10 other trucks and a subaru. We were going to set up our tent, but we were feeling lazy and it was starting to rain so we slept in the cab of our U-Haul. The best part about that though was we were warm and when I woke up at 5:00am, we were able to hit the road without waking Matt up!


Some observations we’ve had so far, as we’ve been spending an insane amount of time together and listening to Spotify:

  • Watson Lake does not allow Tent Camping. Not at all. You can’t even rent an RV camping spot and put up your tent. I don’t know why, but I suspect it is the hotel industry forcing you to pay high rates!
  • Canada is really pretty
  • Canada looks just like Alaska
  • The candy bars look different


    3 pack reese cups!

  • The Weekend’s song “I Can’t Feel My Face” must be about tequilla
  • Sisqo’s “Thong Song” probably wasn’t the best to be played at a middle school dance, reflecting back
  • Rhianna’s “BBHMM” is great for when you need a pump up song and it’s really late. As is any rap song.
  • We heart Drake.
  • Shawn Mendes is amazing and he will be huge.
  • Spotify is a god send.
  • It’s totally legit to feel like you’re in a brotherhood/sisterhood with the other Uhaul drivers. Totally wave to them. I did.
  • A really great TV show would be “Day Jobs” with Emily Stewart. We could do all the jobs I think would be great for one day. Truck driver. Mail carrier. Person that rides the big roller over the new roads during construction. Fishing guide. Stuff like that.
  • Canada is not about exit numbers on their highways (looking at you Alberta)
  • Why is the US not on the metric system? Kilometers and liters make so much more sense!!! It’s the Scientific Standard!

You can see our road trip playlist here at Spotify, or down below. Let us know what we should add to it… we do have around 2,000 more miles to go!




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